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03 Mar 2014

Dr Maureen Fitzgerald is an amazing, compassionate doctor who has great knowledge and extraordinary diagnostic ability. Our family of 5 have been very impressed with her as our family doctor.

17 Aug 2013

I had to go here to a script. I only has to wait for about ten minutes. The doctor didn't really check me properly but I got the script for antibiotics. Easy to find a car parking spot.

17 Aug 2013

One of the worst clinics i have ever attended. The doctor was not very helpful and I found the doctor unfriendly. Reception staff were ok. Centre is a little outdated but plenty of parking.

15 Aug 2013

this doctors is amazing and helpfell and when u need them they are allways there they allways have apponiments availble and nearley on time. otherwise ifm not on time then only about 10 minutues late no longer.

10 Aug 2013

I did enjoy some of the doctors experiences here. but as i visited more frequently i notice they lack great communication skills.A great place to access pathology service though. Found some of the doctors i struggled to under stand, or struggled to understand me. I am pregnant and they seemed to lack the caring part of things. i found they lacked support and only listened and helped when they felt like. even though i was servely ill they recommended i go back to work or school. even though i spent most of my days throwing up and couldn't make it out of bed. they also did test on me and did not inform me they cost alot of money so there fore found myself i debt for test that were deemed unnecessary . They are great for just a quick appointment for some antibiotics . but if you want your health looked after long term or pregnancy they seem to lack long term care of patients

Approximate cost: $60 per visit or bulk billed for pensioners only

10 Aug 2013

Clean clinic with plenty of services. Female Doctor I visited was very rude and unhelpful. The appointment was very rushed but Appointment was exactly on time, plenty of parking, but I dont think I would use this doctors again.

27 Mar 2012

Great family practice! The doctors are great and very friendly. The only thing is the reception staff are sometimes not very responsive/friendly and seem a little flustered, and the doctors are almost always running late - but if you ring earlier you can check to see how far they are behind, and it is admittedly not always the doctors fault for being late and late patients mean late appointments. Andrew and Maureen are both great. They also have instant rebates

11 Feb 2011

Leonora White is a fantastic GP and I would recommend her to anyone. She remembers personal information from appointment to appointment (even months apart!) and is interested in her patients as people. She is very friendly, professional and always approachable.

10 Jun 2008

Great local clinic run by a husband (Andrew Haines) and wife (Maureen Fitzgerald) team. Maureen and Andrew are excellent GPs and well supported by about 5 other GPs who share hours at the clinic. They all seem to be ok but we have been disappointed in Ruth Leibowitz a couple of times so unless it's something simple, stick to the others. They do ask for payment upfron $50 but also immediately claim it for you through medicare.

Approximate cost: $50

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