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93 reviews about Aussie Farmers Direct

27 Sep 2016

Placed my first order a while ago and wonderful service and the produce is simply amazing fresh and all round delicious it's well worth it

175 reviews · 70% trust · 24810 points
29 Oct 2015

Have been using on and off for few years and wonderful, amazing small business! very efficient and great produce!

30 Apr 2014

I gave Aussie Farmers Direct 5 stars for each item because they really are worth the higher prices though I usually try to pay less for my groceries. There is no doubt that the quality is superb and the service - fresh food delivered to your door - is outstanding.

I had several difficulties with the website but from the newsletters I receive, I see that that's undergoing constant revision and improvement.

I would love to be a much bigger Aussie Farmers Direct customer but for me, ducking out to the shops might actually be easier.

Still, I'd highly recommend it to anyone who values quality and supporting local, and have no negatives to say about the level of service or the product standards.

zahras811 29 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

I love this service too ! so fresh!

19 Aug 2013

We get fruit & veg delivered with Aussie Farmers Direct, and absolutely love it! Haven't actually met our delivery guy yet, but have spoken to him over the phone, and the service is great!

zahras811 29 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

Service is wonderful indeed!

14 Aug 2013

We get all our Milk delivered from Aussie Farmers and it makes life a breeze. We just leave out the bag Tuesday and they ring your doorbell once it is in the bag. A couple times they didn't have enough of what we were after so they will replace it with another very similar item (usually same item but from a different brand). In the past we also got our yoghurt delivered but couldn't quite keep up with the supply every week!
I like knowing that I'm buying Australian products and the drivers are very friendly and efficient at their job.

zahras811 29 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

Love their Australian fresh products! Amazing

10 Aug 2013

Love the quality, although it isn't always consistent. I love the fruit and veg boxes, so easy to plan weekly meals.The prices are a bit higher than other farms and things locally but it is worth it for the ease of front door delivery.

zahras811 29 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

Definetely worth it. Love it

05 Aug 2013

I have been a customer on and off for a number of years.
I love the convenience of receiving a weekly delivery of Australian grown fruit and veg but get frustrated by the inconsistent quality.
The customer service is helpful and quick to refund any poor quality items. The custimer service web chat feature is very useful I just wish I wasn't so familiar with it.

zahras811 29 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

Love the convenience too!

02 Jun 2013

the food from aussie farmers is really fresh. it can be on the expensive side however but it is aussie owned and you know its fresh. i had a few issues with the delivery driver continually not following directions and leaving the esky out in the open rather than behind my fence as directed. it is quite handy though to wake up on a saturday morning and have fresh bagels, eggs, bacon & milk.

zahras811 29 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

So true you know it's fresh and awesome!

16 May 2013

I love Aussie Farmers. Thank you for taking the pain away from shopping. You are always delivering me the best produce and delight me with new cool boxes when ever the old one needs replacing. Awesome guys

zahras811 29 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

love how it's easy to convenient!

15 May 2013

We have been using Aussie Farmers Direct for the past year and the local franchise was recently awarded franchisee of the year with good reason. The food produce is always fresh, the service is great and they always notify us if there is anything out-of-stock with notes or face-to-face when the package is dropped off. The amounts are usually deducted off the invoice at a later stage. Whilst it's frustrating that they do not re-use the boxes, our Franchise takes them back to give to local schools.
I think it's a great idea having your fruit, veg, milk & general groceries delivered to your door stop - it's bringing the old days back again!

Approximate cost: $35

zahras811 29 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

Love their produce and delivery is always on time!

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