6 reviews about Avid Reader

14 Feb 2013

It has the feel of a bookshop you'd like to browse in for ages. Great little cafe in the bookshop so you can take your time. The shop seems small from the outside but has an uncluttered spacious feel on the inside. Feels welcoming and is a great place to find books on anything that you want

07 Sep 2012

I love how the books in this bookstore reflects the indie/alternative culture that West End is known for. For such a tiny store, there are a great selection of books in any subject of interest.

Haven't tried the food in the cafe as I'm just there for the books. Relaxing atmosphere to browse at your own leisure. I really hope that these types of bookstore do not die out.

10 Oct 2010

Best book store with best atmosphere in Brisbane. Staff are knowledgeable and the selection is great.

08 Oct 2010

I LOVE Avid Reader.
Amazing selection of books, and it's really worth looking at the staff pics (a number of them are published authors themselves).
lovely little cafe with a really friendly community feel.
able to find just about anything and order it in.
I love the gift wrapping (free with purchase)

16 May 2010

In agreeance with the previous reviewer this store is CRAM PACKED with a great selection of books. They have regular author events and you can join their mailing list through their website for regular newsletters with new releases and author events. Is a fantastic store well worth a visit!

10 Jun 2008

i love this store its tiny but has soooo much in it. you can spend hours browsing the books or sit down and have a nice coffeee or tea. very arty and pretty.

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