11 reviews about Belmore Meats

31 Aug 2018

Service and quality of produce is amazing here! Jovial fellows are all a pleasure to deal with. Prices are a little high but quality trumps all.

02 Mar 2018

Staff at this butchery are knowledgeable & helpful about their products and cooking requirements. Consistently good organic products. Even the parsley, garlic etc added to meats and sauces are sourced from organic growers. You can count on Belmore Meats.

24 Sep 2016

BelMore Meats Balwyn, next to Coles, is staffed by friendly, polite, helpful guys. The organic meat is very good indeed, so is the meat loaf, sausage rolls etc. They have a great range of items. The guys are very helpful with advice on cooking which has been great for a poor cook like me.

06 Sep 2016

I am seriously pedantic about my meat being fresh and clean.
In the past I have been buying the organic brands at Woolworth and Coles but since I have discovered Belmore Meats at the Frenches Forest Organic Market I have been over the moon with their quality. The quality, freshness and cleanliness of the meat is in a category of its own.
I often boil the Chicken and the the Lamb that I buy and the amount of scum that I would remove from the Organic meats I used to buy from those two major grocery outlets is no difference from non Organic meats.
However with Belmore Meats there are hardly any scum - almost hard to believe how clean these Animals must live for their meat to be of this Caliber.
My serious congratulations to the Owners of this Australian Company - What an excellent product you are producing for the Australian Public. Very much appreciated - God Bless you.
Samuel E. Thomas

PS. Its been very difficult to find outlets here in Sydney, although now I am aware that some Harris Farm outlets have your meats.

17 Feb 2016

Excellent butchery for organic products. Good customer service.
Reliable produce every time. Thank you Belmore Meats.

18 Jun 2013

Have been buying from this butcher for 5 years and can't fault the quality of the meat on offer. Great variety of pre-marinated cuts as well as fantastic advice; pricey but so worth it for this time poor mum. Keep up the great work guys.

05 Feb 2011

We buy about half our family meat here (but would buy all if not so expensive) for the last 12 months. Every single time the meat has been outstanding. Try their cryovaced Mediterranean lamb and their sausages. We understand that organic and biodynamic produce is necessarily expensive... just have to accept that and hope that over time it becomes more comparable to ordinary produce. If you are doing a special dinner then this is the place to buy the meat. Go early or it is very hard to get a car park.

Approximate cost: $18kg sausages

03 Jan 2008

A wonderful organic butcher. The produce is top-notch, and the advice is spot-on. Really friendly staff make shopping here a pleasure, although it can be a rather pricey exercise!

23 Nov 2007

Fabulous meat, wonderful quality and always the best advice. That's what you pay through the nose here for. If you have the cash it's well worth it - I've cooked restaurant quality meals for hubby & I with meat from here. But if you're feeding a family of 6... well there's always Coles next door.

Approximate cost: $dear

05 Nov 2007

I travel 20 minutes - past numerous other butchers - to buy all my meat from Belmore Meats. Biodynamic and organic meat is more expensive and we probably buy less meat as a result but we enjoy it more because it tastes so good. There really is no comparison. I love their lamb backstaps and beef for roasting. If you have people over for dinner, you never have to stress about serving up a poor cut of meat because you'd never buy anything less than the best from this place.

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