7 reviews about Bonanza Pizza

11 Dec 2013

i really enjoyed the garlic bread the most but the pizzas were beautiful too,nice friendly staff and the service was nice and quick,prices were fairly reasonable

22 Aug 2013

Great yummy pizza at a great price. It isnt the cheapest out there but isnt the most expensive but is one of my favourite places great thick pizzas great qualitly and yummy

24 May 2012

Great pizza. It's hard to find the middle ground between greasy pizza and mass-produced dry pizza. Bonanza pizza is that place! When I was pregnant I wouldn't eat anything else! Delicious!

05 Jun 2011

Great value meal deals. High level of consistency and standard. Pizzas are never greasy and they are very substantial and filling. Good quality toppings. They are happy to make minor alterations too without charging extra. They tend to burn the base of the garlic bread, which is a bit of a pain as we have to then discard the bottom of the crust. On one occasion the base was overly salty and someone must have mucked up the dough that night. However, in over 16 years of going there, that is the only problem we have had with their pizzas, which is pretty good going.

26 May 2011

this is the only place we get our pizza from the service is great and good value for money the pizza toppings are very generous and fresh and their meal deals are great

29 Jan 2008

Fantastic pizzas! Since finding this fantastic pizza place we (my family and myself) have not purchased pizza from anywhere else in Ballarat! The deals are great, they never take longer than a few minutes to prepare and cook fresh pizzas with fresh ingredients. The staff and owner are polite and always appear to be happy. I will continue to buy here for as long as it exists!

16 Aug 2007

One of the best Pizza places in the area. Been there several times and Pizza is great sometimes and very oily other times but in general good.

Approximate cost: $12.00

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