6 reviews about Brookside Country Meats

11 Oct 2012

We do monthly bulk buying with our meat shopping to save some money. We always get our meat from this butcher. We normally check their meat products on special on Gold Coast Sun weekly paper. They always have quality meat( chicken, pork, beef or lamb) in affordable prices. They are friendly and you can always call them to inquire for their prices.

30 May 2012

This is one of the best value for quality fresh meat, chicken & pork supplier. You walk into the 'freezer' (make sure you have warm clothes), and there is everything you want, clearly marked at the best prices. We buy steaks, chicken fillets, rissoles, roasts.... and even our kitchen knives and spices here. Always excited to go and do our shop here.

23 Jul 2010

We have tried a number of cut price butchers and these guys are the best we have found so far. Great value and weekly specials. Good quality and variety. we go back every two weeks to stock up!

22 Mar 2010

great honest, quality meat supplier, fresh, and great value for your dollar, don't shop for your meat anywhere else. it is very well laid out , clearly labelled, and a great variety at half the price of the big supermarkets.

20 Oct 2009

This is the best place I have bought meat - there chicken looks reasonable (NOT overgrown, like the supermarkets!!) and there is no fat on there meat or chicken! The prices are great and there is a huge variety of products. Everything is nicely laid out and the staff are very pleasant.

25 Jun 2008

Heaps of variety, welol laid out store meat is easy to find. Great value for money and the staff are so helpful and pleasant. Was a pleasure to shop there and I will definetly be going back again. I bought a months worth of meat for a family of 5

Approximate cost: $120.00

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