9 reviews about Coffee Traders

19 Sep 2014

Sorry guys, but the coffee I purchased was terrible tasting, I ended up tossing it in the bin. This was a real surprise as being coffee experts, I thought it was going to be amazing, especially because they use Bonsoy, so I was expecting it to be a return coffee stop. Very disappointed! Please fix the coffee because the staff are super friendly and lovely to deal with, and the food looks great!

18 Aug 2014

Best. Hot. Chocolate. Ever! It's just amazing. Sometimes the service can be a little slow, but that's only because they're busy. It tastes great every time and I'd definitely recommend it.

Approximate cost: $10

10 Jul 2014

Shannon and the team at Coffee Traders whip up some fabulous coffee! Always with a cheery smile and helpful suggestions! Quick service, great food - love them!!!

19 Apr 2014

I love this place. The coffee is amazing and is of great quality. My husband and I love the breakfast focaccia. This place can get very busy so it is best to avoid coffee traders an hour before lunchtime.
I highly recommend.

20 Dec 2013

Coffee here is very good. Definatly competing with some of the best coffee in Melbourne. The food is great and reasonably priced and the service from the staff is usually great. The only downside is it is usually packed and it can be hard to get a table.

19 Mar 2013

My partner is very picky with coffee but we always seem to come in here when we are in the area. Staff are friendly and we always sit outside. Not too bad.

03 Feb 2013

We recently went back here for a coffee after about 6 months of being away and we were sadly left disappointed. I'm not sure what has changed (new owners? new barristas?) as this used to be one of the best coffee shops in Mornington.
We asked for "extra hot" and got them lukewarm. My cappucino was actually just a latte with chocolate on top (sadly how a lot of so-called Barristas in Mornington seem to make them these days).
Like my partner said, being that they are called "Coffee Traders" you'd expect they'd specialise in doing a good coffee trade... potentially not, it seems!

20 May 2008

Coffee Traders is friendly,yummy and the service is great. Little things like extra little treats go along way in referring people. Even On really busy days the staff are are always pleasant and have smiles on their faces Well done.

29 Aug 2007

While the Coffee Traders is a cafe, it is - more importantly - a greatplace to buy all sortsof coffee. The staffare helpful and will answer questions about the grade to which the coffee is ground and the typesof beans you want to buy. The tables outside are nice when its sunny. Insie its a bitpokey, but still ok. The cakes etc arent anything flash, butthe coffee smell gives the place nice atmosphere.

Approximate cost: $NA

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