3 reviews about Cold Rock Ice Creamery

14 Jul 2010

The ice-cream is beautiful, the condiments ie m&ms etc that is crushed into the ice-cream is very small in quantity and therefore in value for money.

04 Aug 2009

As a regular at this local ice creamery I have come to expect better level of service than has been received lately.
The 2 young girls - not much older than 15, continued an uninterrupted gossip session while myself and my wife waited for service. the establishment had no other customers except for a full table of already served patrons. once they had finished their chat session with each other we were asked if we were ready for them. This was after waiting patiently for 5 minutes, as regulars we know what we want prior to arriving. the servings were barely filling the cup they were provided in, with teh excess ice cream left on the rock for disposal rather than serve to customers who had paid good money. The attitute of the servers was disgraceful with money being slammed onto the counter when receiving change from them and then when checking their change was correct found them to be short $10 with no apology offered.

I do not accept such poor rude service by any means and as such do to their lack of customer service they will not be gaining any further customers from my recommendations.

27 May 2008

they have the awesomest icecreams and mix-ins and they're awesome iceream is worth every penny!i eat icecream when i'm cold and i love cold rock on wintery days!yummy yummy yummy!!!!!

Approximate cost: $5

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