4 reviews about Coles

18 Sep 2012

fantastic service and great selection as it's always stocked... friendly staff and easy access for prams and wheelchairs :) clean enviroment and always fresh

ruppie 18 Sep 2012 · 60% Trust

its starting to become a reall prob going out with a pram these days coz there is no room in shops any more to make it worse i have a side by side twin stroller :(

11 Sep 2011

I quite like going to this coles than any other. It just seems much nicer. Everything is up to standards however, i dislike the long queues

22 Jul 2010

I've gone here since I was young. Back in the 90's it looked a bit dull and dingy, but recently it's gotten a lot better and in general you can get what you need here. Unlike Safeways Waverly Gardens, you can still get witch hazel in this Coles.

24 Sep 2007

This is my local supermarket which I frequent...being smaller than other Coles stores I've been in, it tends to not stock everything I want (and therefore have to travel out to another store to get it). At times can get busy and lengthy queues.

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