Reviews by shonam2

This review is for Mobile-Mate, Wheelers Hill VIC

20 Dec 2013

They have a huge range of products that are made from quality materials. The prices are quite reasonable and the staff are happy to clear up any problems you have.

This review is for Waverly Gardens Dental Clinic (Dr. Sally Su), Mulgrave VIC

27 Sep 2013

I was well looked after there and the dentist was sympathetic and informative. I'd happily return. I had a very large filling and a small check-up.

Approximate cost: $190

This review is for KFC, Oakleigh VIC

22 Jul 2010

Over all this is a very standard KFC, but the layout and the decor makes is lovely. It has two floors and overlooks a large road way so sitting and eating there is quite enjoyable. There is also reasonable toilet access. Recommended for the fast-food lover.

Approximate cost: $15

This review is for KFC, Springvale, Mulgrave VIC

22 Jul 2010

This is supposedly the first KFC in Melbourne and I have always found it sufficient in every way. I might say that it could use an update in it's decor but then the limited space doesn't lend itself to much. Still, quite good.

Approximate cost: $15

This review is for Silverton Primary, Noble Park North VIC

22 Jul 2010

I went to this school from Prep to Grade 6 and found that it was in general a good quality education, although at times the teachers were slow to treat the students as individuals. This may have changed since I was there.

This review is for The Cheesecake Shop, Noble Park VIC

22 Jul 2010

The cakes from this place are delicious. So rich and sweet, perfect for any cake related occasion.

This review is for Carwatha College P-12, Noble Park North VIC

22 Jul 2010

I went to Carwatha from Year 7 to Year 12 and I would say it was very average. There was a general smoking problem, but I think you'll find that in any school. I can't really complain.

This review is for Sushi Sushi Waverly Gardens, Mulgrave VIC

22 Jul 2010

I would say that in general this is an average Sushi Sushi, but considering how small it is and the fact that it is part of a shopping center the presentation is impressive with a delightful little sitting area in the side back, lending itself to lovely photos with friends.

Approximate cost: $8

This review is for McDonalds, Mulgrave VIC

22 Jul 2010

Whilst much can't be expected since this is a Shopping Centre Mc Donalds one gets the rare pleasure of seeing the special bag conveyor belt zip across the ceiling. (Look closely to the right as you wait for your order). That said, when it hits a meal time and the patrons start lining up, waiting can be tedious and one can be very tempted to wander off to another eatery in the food court. Not to say the staff are no good, they are usually sufficient. There simply isn't enough of them.

Approximate cost: $9

This review is for Donut King, Parramatta NSW

22 Jul 2010

I tried one of the new luxury donuts and it did not disappoint. It was creamy, sweet and attractive, although for me there was a strange metallic aftertaste, but I'd ignore it for another ;-).

Approximate cost: $2