4 reviews about Frances Perry House

25 Aug 2011

I found frances perry great with my second child, though my first was public in queensland in a shared room so you would expect it to be much nicer! Was very quiet when we were there which meant great service for us whenever we needed it someone was there. Nurses were great.

15 Aug 2008

I had my third child here - my other two were born elsewhere. The midwives here were exceptionally kind and caring compared to what I had experienced in other hospitals. They always had a smile on their faces, were never rude, and some of them were very generous (one said that if I woke up in the middle of the night hungry, she'd make me some toast!). The room was nice and big with city views. I stayed at the Sofitel for 2 nights as well which was absolutely awesome! And at the Sofitel there were plenty of nurses around so I was well looked after there also.
Frances Perry House also brought in kosher meals for me; something that other hospitals don't always do.

24 Mar 2008

Had my first baby in 2006 and decided on FPH based on other recommendations. I was not disappointed. From the minute we arrived when I was in labour, I was greeted by friendly and caring midwifes. My midwife who was with me throughout my 7hr labour was fantastic and couldn't have got through it without her. In the wards my experience was very pleasant-except for one night shift midwife who was quiet short with me for no good reason, and another who kept telling me off for adjusting the air conditioning (it was that very HOT summer). Overall, I was given everything I asked for and no question was too silly for any of the staff. Definitely going back for bub No. 2 (can't wait to see the new site at Royal Womens).

Approximate cost: $varies depending on insurance

07 Jan 2008

Every member of staff we encountered from cleaners through to specialist doctors were AMAZING, so kind and always had a smile and time to discuss anything with you without making you feel like you were being difficult. I would urge anyone to consider having their baby at FPH

Approximate cost: $varies

Rach12 07 Feb 2008 · 50% Trust

I have to agree!!! Hope you got to go the Softiel. Congrats on your bubs.

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