9 reviews about Intersection Cafe

02 Aug 2017

Is a rather cheap corner shop which sells pizza, burgers, and falafel. On Thursday nights after 5 pm many of their menu items are half price, including pizza

27 Oct 2014

I LOVE the Intersection Cafe. It's close to home and they're always open.

The food is great - I love the lamb kebabs, the pizza has heaps of toppings and the staff are friendly. On Thursdays they have half-price pizza and pasta, which is great value.

The atmosphere inside is a bit dreary, but they've recently remodelled and this has really made a difference. For take away I honestly couldn't recommend them more highly.

26 Aug 2014

just got pizza from these guys, cheap as pizzas with generous topping servings. They've got a few specials i regular, for $16 you can get a large pizza garlic bread and 1.25 drink which is my favourite. Can not go wrong with their Margarita pizza!

29 Apr 2014

This place seems to never close .. its open during the day and closes quite late. However I have called in for lunch one week day recently.

They do pizzas, pastas, burgers, salads and more.

I ordered a vegie pizza which was quite good, plenty toppings and cooked nicely.

When i walked in I was greeted with a smile by the staff which is always appreciated. they took my order and i did not have to wait long for my lunch to arrive.

27 Jul 2013

This restaurant is offering pizza, pasta, steaks, burger, etc. Fortunately, this restaurant near with my living place, so i can go there easily to buy food. My favourite food in there is hawaiin pizza. You can choose different size, small (8,5 dollar), medium (10,00 dollar), largest (14 dollars). Moreover, the restaurant also provide vegetarian pizza for people who do not eat meat. Yesterday i bought 2 largest pizza hawaiin, 3 largets pizza vegetarian for dinner together with my friends. as a result, my friends likes the pizza that i have ordered , they like the topping on the pizza. the other advantages from this restaurant is you can place order for pickup by online. Moreover, the staff in there is very friendly, and they provide good service for their customer.

Approximate cost: $14

sandrad171 27 Jul 2013 · 100% Trust

I've often driven past but have never gone in. I'll have to try it.

babenreviewer 22 Feb 2014 · 100% Trust

i recently found out that they had a bit of a refurbishment and renovation, it looks quite nice and modern now so might go visit soon xx

23 Feb 2013

love their opening hours, it's usually where we go after a night out - we're always at the bottom level, have yet to explore the top level (which from what i've been hearing is pretty decent)

pizzas are greasy, which is why it's a popular postclubbing place - but still pretty delicious

great and convenient location, would be great if it looked a bit cleaner

also am a massive fan of the little corner where all the brochures and flyers are

Approximate cost: $5

MazB35 23 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust

Its good to have a late night place to get a bite to eat after an evening out (well the other option is kebab van or McDonalds) ..... and so what is upstairs?

babenreviewer 23 Feb 2013 · 100% Trust

no clue, have only heard from friends that there's an upstairs and every now and then events are held

18 Jan 2013

Ordered Delivered has been fast and reliable, good quality and has occasional specials available online. also throws in little extras like free drinks and things when you order a couple of times.

Approximate cost: $10.00 >15.00

18 Mar 2010

"Smilies" provides cheap food at all hours of the day and night. The quality is lacking, but at 3am when you really want some chips, Smilies is ready and waiting. Bravo!

Approximate cost: $2

babenreviewer 22 Feb 2014 · 100% Trust

that nickname is so funny! we used to call it 'intys' actually

28 Jul 2007

Licensing cafe, with heaps of seating room. Service is quite unfriendly, but their freshly cooked burgers are awesome. Souvlakis are quite good too. They also have pizza slices available individually - great for when you need a quite bite to eat.

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