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23 Oct 2015

Just came in to receive some information for my honeymoon that I am still in the process of deciding, and received some awesome, helpful info from extremely friendly staff!

24 Apr 2012

I booked my Peregrine trip through Emily at this store. I walked in off the street to enquire about Intrepid, not realising that they are now more than just intrepid - they are able to book a whole range of tours.
She arranged fantastic flights for me. I had spent hours trying to work it out on the internet, but she slashed the prices I had found - I wish I'd gone strraight to her and saved myself the time. She was also great with my many emails and questions.
I'm the type of person who generally organises all of my own travel. This is the first time I have ever used a travel agent (and my first time on a tour) will definitely go back for help with my next trip.

26 Nov 2011

Hi, I travelled Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with Intrepid. As a signle female traveller I didn't have the confidence to do it myself. I met great people and the travel guide was fantastic. Well informed and educated and kept the people captivated the entire trip (through sun and storms!)

zahras811 23 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

agreed- I was well informed and educated! it was awesome

18 Dec 2009

I went to Italy with Intrepid Jun 2008 and had a great time. Our group was small (8 + guide) and we used public transport to travel from Rome to Venice.
I can't wait till my baby is old enough for us to start using them again for the family tours.

15 Jul 2008

My brother and I went on an intrepid trip in Thailand 2 years ago. It was unbelievable!!! If you are considering a packaged trip anywhere go intrepid. The local tour guide was fun and very kowledgable

zahras811 23 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

I am planning a trip to Thailand and will now look to go with Intrepid

03 Aug 2007

I was dealing with Karen Rastall, one of their travel specialists regarding a trip. I was really impressed with her followup and service. We didn't end up continuing with the booking, however I was so impressed I will be using their service again. They also run great information evenings in the store.

zahras811 23 Oct 2015 · 70% Trust

Agreed- wonderful service indeed!

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