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38 reviews about Jachline Pedersen-Rouse Kinesiologist

21 Apr 2020

Jachline has such a beautiful, gentle presence. Her ability to hold a safe space for you to feel into your emotions is astounding.

One of the things I love about having a session with Jachline, is that she has such a vast knowledge which extends beyond Kinesiology alone, making her the best choice for anyone!

The results where instantaneous after my daughters (3yrs) first session. She went from waking every 5+ times a night to NONE!

I now have both my girls, myself, other members of my family and a handful of friends coming to see her.


Thank you for your beautiful words x

15 Nov 2019

Jachline has been an important part and played an integral role in my healing journey as I overcome stage 4 breast cancer. She has the ability to hold space and draw out the emotion and held trauma I have experienced in my life in the most compassionate and non judging way. This enables her to interface with my energy body and drill down to a depth that brings forth profound insights and wisdom. After each session I have felt a significant shift in my overall health as my body is given permission to shed the layers of negative held emotions accumulated and stagnating in my organs and energy body system. Jachline is a gifted healer and I would encourage anyone who is suffering from chronic illness or cancer to incorporate Kinesiology as part of your treatment protocol, I know one day that this method of healing will be adapted in allopathic medicine and oncology treatment clinics because of its powerful healing outcomes. Thank you Jachline.

14 Nov 2019

Jachline has been instrumental in my healing journey. She creates a warm and loving space in which I feel totally at ease. She clearly cares deeply for the people she works with and has an abundance of knowledge and insights that she uses to connect with different aspects of healing. I have experienced some extraordinary shifts within my Self through the work we do together and would recommend Jacki to anybody interested in their health and wellbeing.

21 Oct 2019

Jachline is an extremely kind and compassionate person. Her wisdom and knowledge into our physical,emotional, mental & spiritual wellbeing is out of this world. Jachline has not only helped guide myself & my daughters through some internal conflict and processes, she has guided me in the way that I parent and approach situations. Jachline has given me a greater understanding of my childrens behaviours, emotions and feelings which has enabled an even stronger relationship with my girls. Trust me when I say Jachline is a miracle worker. A change in perpective is all it takes to make a big impact in the long term.

Approximate cost: $80

04 Aug 2019

Jachline's ability to read your body and guide you through a process of self healing is incredible. Her calm, respectful and friendly manner makes you feel at ease and I love that she transfers some of her calmness and her deep knowledge of the body's inner workings every time I see her. I have no hesitation recommending Jachline to anyone looking to improve their wellbeing whether you have a physical ailment or you want to work on your mental health.

26 Jun 2019

Above and beyond.

The perfect balance of professionalism and compassion.
Jachline's healing emanates not only through the modality of Kinesiology that she delivers on such a complex and profound level but also through her generous, compassionate and loving energy.

I am eternally grateful for her helping me through the last couple of years of the most challenging time in my life.

Thank you Jachline.

25 Jun 2019

Jachline is phenomenal. Her authentic care and compassion make you feel comfortable instantly and her depth of knowledge not only of Kineisiolgy is vast, making her treatments life-changing. A balance with Jachline is a truly beautiful experience.

21 Feb 2019

I am so grateful to have met Jachline,
She is beyond amazing at her craft.
She has the ability to tune in and realign you at any point.
Every time I have stepped out of her clinic something has shifted for the better and I leave, feeling calm and collected.
Any anyone looking to invest in themselves, Jachline is by far the best person to guide you along your path.

15 Sep 2018

As soon as I started talking to Jachline about myself and my life, I felt as if I had started on a special journey. Jachline is incredibly caring and empathic, and a very accepting person. For me the sessions are a really safe place, and I feel the healing that happens with her work is immediate and very clear. I see the process of kinesiology as a wonderful way to identify and then let go of the physical and emotional blocks that I haven't been able to access in other ways. Jachline is a very special person and a gifted healer. I am so pleased to have found someone of her skill and range of abilities to guide me on my path to greater health and peace.

18 Jan 2018

I began seeing Jachline for help with anxiety as well as chronic, debilitating digestive problems and weight loss, and I am thrilled to say I am completely healed.
I started kinesiology after initially looking into more mainstream avenues, which were entirely ineffective. I regret not starting kinesiology sooner. If I were to start over I would forget mainstream medicine entirely and view kinesiology as my first line of defence. There are exceptions of course: Don't rock up to Jachline's practice with a broken leg and and the bone sticking out. However for chronic symptoms and ailments I can't recommend Jachline enough. I can personally vouch for her effectiveness in treating anxiety and digestive troubles.
Jachline is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I am very grateful for her help.

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