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11 Oct 2017

My daughter had day surgery at Mitcham. After the doctor visited and said it was fine for her to eat and drink I had to keep asking for some food for her for an hour after his departure. The staff were overbearing saying she couldn't eat despite the fact the doctor has said she could. She has a large bruise on her forehead where she whacked her head on the side of the bed rail in the recovery room when coming out of anithesia.

21 May 2017

I have had a number of admissions to Mitcham Private for various reasons over the past 19 years (the most recent being this year) and have had pleasant experiences every single time. I have also been to other hospitals but the staff at Mitcham win hands down. They are friendly, supportive and so caring. The food is good and the kitchen staff will go out of their way for you. The parking is not great but not as bad as many other hospitals in the area.

19 Feb 2017

I attended mother baby unit sleepschool & camera didn't work,so when I wanted to view my baby it was a constant blur,the dimmer light in her tiny room didn't work,so when I went in at any time it was constantly pitch black day or night so couldn't see her through glass panel or see to do the late/dream feed, had to take my phone torch in the room with me,the aircon was not very efficient was always around 24 whilst the other rooms we're always 19/20/21 max, and to be able to view my baby the screen was locked away in the nurses office, so we mums had to go and knock on their door to ask if we could have a quick look at room"whatever" so we could decide if we could go jump in the shower or if we needed to hang around for a bit longer as bubs wasn't settling etc. us mums were constantly told to go away & not to look or need to see the baby & were told off or made to feel bad if you dare go near the screen/room. Comments such as "I will have to start charging you by the hour!" "Your not back again, you shouldn't be here" "I don't want to see you back here again" we're made to all of us mums by various staff/nurses. They didn't like us mums interupting their handovers so you would just get ignored whilst that was happening, didn't matter if your baby(or a few) were crying & you had no clue what do to, you had to just wait or figure it out & the nurses didn't respond when you knocked on the door (once I knocked 3times over a period of 20mins) still ignored. I was told to "get over it" once when my baby vomitted everywhere(out of character it was for her) because I asked if someone could help me clean it up, ohh the list goes on and on!! I had no help on my 1st two nights, and yet they are supposed to do show you the ropes, so I was left to my own devices as the nurse that was on was [redacted personal identifier] and slow, could work out a lot. One nurse of a nighttime never sent enough seeming all the babies would be crying at once!anyways the positives i could say are there was the odd couple of nurses that made it bearable & were very helpful&Kind, happy to help and were genuine, just a shame for the others that have clearly no empathy left or patients left for us poor sleep deprived desperate mothers looking for guidance / help!i fee those are the nurses that have been doing it Far too long & need to look for another job if they are so unhappy, also so dissapointing when you go to a baby sleep school you expect to have the basic necessities met for your baby(& you) to be comfortable, it's a shame they can't invest a few more $ and get such simple things fixed.

29 Jul 2015

After having my first child at Mitcham, I found most of the staff were very helpful, however I did come across two staff that made my stay quite upsetting. being told on my first night while struggling with feeding, 'it's not my job... I won't be there for you when you get home.'
While another nurse spoke to me rudely throughout her shift. Questioning me, abruptly saying 'Can't you read the time?' Infront of my family members. I had just come out of the toilet (finally being able to go). She continued questioning me, I got teary and she said, 'now why are you crying?'. She was also quite rude to my family and my husband. I also had comments from her like, 'maybe you need to take some more initiative and get your own breast pump.' Even after telling her the previous nurse had operated it and got it for me for the first time. I had no idea where they were kept. She then expecting me to figure out how to use it on my own. She was not supportive at all and I wanted to stop breastfeeding all together because of her.
I must however, thank Anne Maree, the head of the hospital and the lactation nurses I had. They were lovely and supported me when I needed.

31 May 2015

I had 3 babies delivered here. First 2 was great. Was very happy with midwives. Third was not great. Felt like I was going through labour on my own. Midwife wasn't around much. Didn't feel I had much support from her. My vision was blurred from conjunctivitis and I couldn't see my baby clearly in the first few hours. I desperately needed cotton balls to wipe my eye. The nurse said I had bring my own cotton balls. It's harsh the hospital could not give me some to use.

19 Aug 2014

I came here for the maternity ward last year. Most of the staff are excellent and the facilities were very good. My son was in the special care nursery and a few of the nurses were a little brusque, however they took excellent care of my son and that is what counts.

19 Apr 2012

I had read good things about the maternity unit, but was so disappointed. They constantly changed my room - we spent nearly every day packing and unpacking to a different room!. The midwives were mostly nice but the manager wasn't, she didn't seem to know what she was doing (and i don't think she cared either). I also noticed the staff having a lot of problems with the equipment they used - i felt sorry for them as so much was broken. There also seemed a lot of agency nurses and i was given different advice all the time - VERY confusing.
Its clear the hospitals only goal is about making money.
Won't be having next baby there.

03 Mar 2012

I had my first baby at Mitcham Private. The food there was awesome. My partner had his meal there with me and it wasn't too expensive as well. The cake trolley in the afternoon was absolutely fabulous! I miss the apple pie already!!! My baby was in special care nursery and the mw there are absolutely fabulous. They taught me a lot regarding breastfeeding and parenting which are awesome. I had an emergency c section, and the nurses, midwife, obstetrician and paediatrician kept me calm and relaxed. The hospital provides awesome service and would love to return for my next bub!

Approximate cost: $0 (private insurance)

04 Jun 2011

Had all 4 wisdom teeth removed here, the doctors made me feel very comfortable, especially as I was a nervous wreck. Recommend going here for sure!

Approximate cost: $1500.00

24 Feb 2011

We used Mitham Private for the birth of our 2nd baby (boy). The experience was fantastic from the first visit/tour to the day we left the hospital with our newborn. The facilities provided were first class & the nursing staff were fantastic in their care & attention. Highly recommended.

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