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29 Mar 2017

My maternal child health nurse reported them for not letting me breastfeed my underweight premature newborn on demand.They said I wasn't to leave until I learned how to wrap my baby correctly and then wouldn't show me how to do it properly. They locked some crying babies alone in soundproof rooms for hours and turned the sound transmitters volume zero so no one could hear them. When the fire alarm went off they told us we were not allowed to leave. When I ran out the fire exit they screamed at me, even though the fireman told me and them I did the correct thing.

11 Nov 2015

Wonderful hospital in the northern suburbs! Recently had my baby boy there where the staff in the Maternity Unit provided thorough & professional care. My baby was in the Special Care Nursery for 3+ weeks as he was born early (35wks) and the nurses were kind and understanding, providing quality round the clock care. Spacious rooms and nice meals provided with friendly service. Highly recommend this hospital A+

21 Apr 2014

Fantastic hospital, the staff are just beautiful and have all the time in the world for you and your family. Loved everything about it. Hope to have my next bub there.

13 Jan 2012

I recently had my second child at Northpark and the midwives were wonderful. I was having a hard night one particular evening settling my baby and the midwife was terrific consoling me and my baby. One particular midwife - Lee was outstanding! Thankyou for making my stay enjoyable & relaxing.

Rjm2882 19 Jul 2012 · 60% Trust

Hi Mrs72 , may i ask how much the ob fees are. Im currently looking at private hospitals but the costs are to excessive on top of private health insurance we already pay.

Mrs72 23 Jul 2012 · 80% Trust

You pay the excess of your private health insurance on the day of discharge which mine was $500 but then it depends on which obstetrician you have and the fees they charge. It was totally worth it for me as I have caesarean.

10 Jan 2012

North park mother and baby unit saved me at a time when I was falling with no rope in site - from the brilliant psychiatrists to the genuinely caring nurses (one stroked my hair one night until I fell asleep) and the beautiful Deb and Jodie who ran my baby love pnd program - nothing compares and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

23 Sep 2011

I have just had a 5 day admission at Northpark under the surgical ward and the hospital and it's staff were absolutely amazing. The new facilities are great, and are really beneficial to the hospital, but what was truly amazing was the nurses. Every nurse I had was friendly and helpful, truly the best nurses I've ever had. The hospital room was really spacious, with a great little plasma TV and bathroom was fantastic. For Hospital food it was decent and there was a lot of choice. Absolutely delighted with my stay, will birth their when I have children.

Approximate cost: $Based on PHI

27 Jul 2011

After my daughter was born, I developed severe PND, exacerbated by her chronic reflux and my father's diagnosis with early onset alzheimers disease. Without a mother to turn to, I fell in a heap. Admitted to the mother-baby unit 6 weeks post partum was a move that I think saved my sanity. I arrived barely coherent with exhaustion and stress, certain that I was worthless and that my baby hated me. I left five weeks later nutured, reassured and with a much healthier baby who slept for more than 45 minutes at a time. They were available over the phone after discharge and although I didn't click with my psychiatrist, I loved my psychologist and ADORED the lovely Deb who ran the 12 week program and even came back when she was 12 months old for their sleep school. I adore the nurses there, particularly the divine Anne King who gave me the mothering I so desperately needed myself. They made me believe in myself and my ability as a mother. They nurtured my soul and one lovely nurse helped me overcome the breastfeeding battles I'd been fighting, to thoroughly enjoy my 'booby time' with my daughter. We weaned at 2 years, 4 months thanks to her! I couldn't praise these people enough and feel so reassured that they're there. I know that if I struggle with my next baby, help is only just down the road.

17 Apr 2010

I had my first baby here in June 08 and I am due to have my 2nd in July this year. I loved this hospital, all of the midwives were fantastic, I felt like I was in a hotel rather than a hospital! I am really looking forward to my next experience here. The food was ok but I was disappointed there was no cooked breakfast!!

staceyc4 26 May 2011 · 50% Trust

I am thinking of having my baby at Northpark in Jan next year and wondered if you could recommend an OB?

22 Aug 2009

I spent some time in East Ward (the psychiatric ward of the Hospital). They have a fantastic program full of activities to participate in. A lot of them have a Holistic approach. I have managed to learn some techniques on how to deal with my anxiety. The staff are fantastic. The thing that really annoyed me is that despite all Hospitals are supposed to be non smoking - East Ward still has a Smokers Court Yard. The hall of the ward STINKS of Cigarette smoke. For a non smoker, this made my stay quite uncomfertable and irritating.

Approximate cost: $Based on level of health insurance

29 Jul 2008

I used the NorthPark Mother Baby unit a few times when I had quite bad PND. I found most of the staff were fantastic - caring and helpful. Didn't like the food - it was terrible. I found the 12 week program to be quite useful after I left hospital. It was great to get together with other mums who were going through the same issues as I was.

StephanieL 30 Aug 2009 · 95% Trust

I think the food must have improved over the past year - I found the food to be quite good. It was fresh and there was a lot of variety.

StephanieL 30 Aug 2009 · 95% Trust

Oh, and I'd love to know which Psych you're talking about! I had an issue with one of them when I was in East Ward. I was not impressed at all. She made my stay a bit more difficult than it should have been.

I hope that you're feeling better now.

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