11 reviews about Oporto (Pitt St Mall)

23 Oct 2015

Oporto in Pitt St Mall is great. The food is always fresh and they make the BEST vegetarian burgers.

04 Nov 2012

It's what you'd expect in a fast food joint, and if you come here during lunch time it's going to get incredibly packed. This is conveniently located with all the other fast food chains so you'll be given a lot of variety. Great thing about this store is that there are a few of its own seats inside for Oporto customers.

29 Jul 2012

Fresh, tasty and always made to order, this Oporto makes fabulous burgers and they're consistently good.

Approximate cost: $15 for an unsized meal deal

01 Jun 2011

My order was taken with ease (despite being 7 odd meals) and delivered without any long wait. Food was awesome so me and friends had a good meal.

Approximate cost: $10

03 May 2011

good oporto chicken, good oporto sauce, the same oporto prices. yep, oporto is pretty standard wherever you go.

Approximate cost: $10

27 Mar 2011

good food, good service, and i love their burgers :))
the service sometimes take a while but it's worth the wait...

Approximate cost: $---

10 Dec 2010

awesome vegetarian burger, really recommends it for vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Good price for amount of food too.

Approximate cost: $10

11 Oct 2010

The service was good, but not quick , I had to stay in a quire for 5 min, food was nice, a bit greasy

Approximate cost: $10

16 Oct 2009

while you are waiting your food is being made while you wait it makes the customer see that it is fresh which makes them trust the restrant. the service is fast and the employees are friendly while you are being servived.

03 May 2009

I drop into this Oportos under the Pitt St. Mall from time to time when wandering the city. Its a small tidy shop requiring the outside seating of the shopping centre, but service speed is ok and so far usually quite friendly. The Food is good but not Oportos at its best (I find Oxford Mall (Not Westfield) in Bondi Junction to be the Best Oporto), The buns have been on occasion been soggy or the lettuce browning but usually they are on Par. Not the best at remembering the little extras, i'm almost always going back for extra chicken salt/ pepper and sauces.

Approximate cost: $13

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