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2 reviews about Paws & Claws Trim Salon

01 Dec 2009

I took my elderly and very fluffy cat Sean in for grooming. She doesn't let me near her with a brush normally, and she can't reach some areas anymore to groom herself. She is a prickly pear at the best of times.
The groomer complimented Sean on her beauty and temperament and said he didn't have any hassles with her. He gave me hints as to how to groom her myself without getting ripped to shreds too - and they work!
She looked and smelled gorgeous for a long time after her grooming date and I am using the hints he gave me to keep her groomed as best I can.

Approximate cost: $15.00

09 Jul 2008

Friendly , my poodles love going to have a wash and haircut. they are well treated and secure within the shop. My poodles have always come home cut to my expectations and eagerly return for there next visit

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