6 reviews about Ray's Hot Bread

13 Dec 2015

Disgusted!!!!! Mouldy cake!
This afternoon we purchased a mud cake for$15 (and we were asked for a feather $2 for the box AFTER it was packed). But when we arrived home and cut the cake it was FULL of mould inside!
Totally disgusted and would never return!

01 May 2013

Love the pastries and slices, bit of a sweet tooth and so the variety was great! The prices were reasonable and on par with most other bakeries I frequent but the food was good if not better than most generic bread shops. Only downside they didn't have any spelt bread! Overall, I would recommend and also definitely buy from here again.

joey22 01 May 2013 · 100% Trust

Sounds beautiful, love fresh pastries

29 Mar 2011

Went here after several recommendations. I was not as impressed by their pies as my husband (or their many awards) but it was good enough and would go back there again

22 Sep 2010

This bread shop is a favorite of mine. The ladies are very friendly and always happy to serve. I love the pastry and they bread stays fresh for longer than supermarket bread.

09 Mar 2009

Service of the ladies are so nice. I go there almost every day for fresh bread/rolls. The quality is so good that the bread stays fresh longer than store brought. I even have to admit the pies and pastries are very yummy too, I try and keep that to a minimum, very indulegence.

17 May 2008

wonderful bread, very fresh and tasty, great pastries, friendly staff you are always happy to slice the bread for you and they are reasonably priced considering the current market

Approximate cost: $3

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