7 reviews about Red Eye Records

30 Jul 2015

I have been a customer at Red Eye Records for several years. I love walking in to their store. It has a great vibe.

10 Jul 2014

This place is heaven for anyone into vinyl records or music collectors in general. I could spend days in this place. Prices are little on the expensive side for the vinyl but the records are in great shape and high quality. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Easy to find location

14 Feb 2010

Red Eye Records is great for getting the latest records, used records as well as reproduced records. Red Eye also has an extensive range of memorabilia such as T-shirts, box sets, records and books that cannot be found at other record stores. The people there are lovely and very helpful, and you will always find something new.

Approximate cost: $various

30 Nov 2009

Feel very nostalgic about Red Eye Records, as I have had a preference for this outlet since I was a teenager. Started visiting back in 1991. Staff are very friendly and helpful and there are a lot of hidden diamonds and wonderful collectibles to be discovered. It feels like a treasure hunt!

24 May 2009

it has a great range of records, and helpful staff. i was surprised and impressed by the amount of records in store to browse through. and a good selection of alternate non mainstream music.

Approximate cost: $30

08 Oct 2008

The best CD store i've come across. They've got a great range of non mainstream stuff, and always have things that are unexpected in. The prices aren't bad, and the service is pretty good. I always find lots of stuff here to buy and love browsing this place for hours!

30 Apr 2008

A good Place to go for that hard to find CD. They have a large range of vinyl records and they are happy to order in CD's for you. Great friendly service.

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