7 reviews about Scales & Tails

27 May 2012

What a spectacular shop, the overall appearance of the vivarium's and enclosure instantly show these people are professionals, they are friendly, and have taken the extra time to speak with and allow my son(who has aspergers (Autism) ) to hold and learn more about each reptile, we are in the process of buying our first snake, and feel confident they will be wonderful with guiding and providing information where needed, I highly recomend these ovely personable people and a clean, fair priced business

Approximate cost: $varies

09 Oct 2010

What a great place to see reptiles. It's almost like going to a zoo :)
I found they're staff to be ok and offer some good advice. I thought the prices were a bit expensive, particularly when I've been looking for lighting, but I guess they're comparable with other places. Everything's expensive nowdays!
I just love going in to look at the lizards and snakes and wish I had room for more.

19 Oct 2009

I went in to see what they had as I want to get another snake. I found them to be very helpful and knowledgeable.
The enclosures are clean and the reptiles are very healthy. The prices compare to elsewhere.

19 Jun 2009

I come here to get turtle food which is quite reasonably priced. It is also very cool to check out all the snakes and lizards they have... Creepy even... The service is okay as the staff are very friendly.

06 Nov 2008

I love to window shop here. I wouldn't buy from here though. I bought crickets that didn't have the longevity that crickets from other shops have. A staff member also told me not to worry that the tail had been bitten off a baby Eastern Water Dragon as it will grow back but I haven't found any literature to support this claim.

22 Sep 2008

This is an ok place to get ones reptile supplies. They also have a good range of reptiles for sale as well, all in great condition and quality.
I used them once to buy food and was contemplating adopting a snake. The shop itself is small and the customer service needs ALOT of work.

Approximate cost: $Various

27 May 2008

I buy crickets for my frogs here. They are quite cheap and you get more than you would elsewhere. I have also found the prices of the heat lamps and other lighting equipment to be very reasonable. The staff are quite helpful and honest too.

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