14 reviews about Sushi Sushi (Centro)

01 Nov 2013

Good sushi and cheap in price. Sushi sushi is always my option to go when I feel hungry while doing my shopping. I like the tobico sushi and the seared salmon and seared scallop sushi. Yummy

Approximate cost: $2.50

babenreviewer 01 Nov 2013 · 100% Trust

i love the salmon sushi i basically eat it almost every week xx

14 May 2012

the price is always rising too rapidly, but the sushi is delicious and there are many varieties to choose from

Approximate cost: $6

jannyh 15 May 2012 · 70% Trust

yeah it is becoming more and more expensive. and the sushi is shrinking. but the sushi is nice and made nicely.

04 Jun 2011

ALWAYS an easy choice for sushi. They always have great tasting sushi rolls and everytime i ask for something specific they are happy to make it on request without complaints.

19 May 2011

plenty of sushi rolls to chose from. Moderately priced. Fast service.

09 Dec 2010

Sushi sushi is a great place to buy sushi/hand rolls. Service is average - always have to ask for additional soy when getting take-away. Food is always fresh and tasty.

22 Nov 2010

Good variety of sushi for everyone my fav is teriaki chicken and they also have nice vegeterian options as well, service could be friendlyier and happier but food is yummy and enjoyable.

Approximate cost: $15

08 Jun 2010

The service was friendly and very efficient. What more, the person who served me could speak Chinese which was very useful for my grandma who can't speak english.

Approximate cost: $6

06 Jun 2010

simple, good quality sushi at the average price; could use a little variety and the service could be a little more friendly, but generally delicious, filling, and within my price range!

Approximate cost: $9

04 Mar 2010

I would only recommend their hand rolls. i found out that the ingredients in their box sets are not fresh which i find it quite disappointing. however its not a bad experience, but neither great.

30 Sep 2009

The service is cheerful and friendly, but lacking professionalism. If you want a waitress, you best holler for one or grab one, as they are a little understaffed, and you can easily be forgotten about. The Sashimi was fresh, with the Kingfish and Salmon very nice, but the Tuna was of low quality.

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