7 reviews about Tasty Rooster

14 Aug 2012

Love there food and its so close by that it make it easy to grab dinner for the family when im late from work. very good value for what you get

14 Aug 2012

I go to Melbourne perhaps once a month. I really look forward to an evening meal of their charcoal chicken . It is the best cooked chook anywhere around . I think it must be the herbs that the chicken is covered in. They also cook chips and have a great lineup of salads. The staff are very efficient and friendly.

12 May 2012

Tucked away in the car park near Coles, can be difficult to find. Great chicken, very tasty and goes well with the chips they sell also. Friendly and quick service.

09 Nov 2011

Since I discovered Tasty Rooster several years ago, I've never bothered looking for takeaway chicken anywhere else. Tasty Rooster gets it just right.

Their chicken is rubbed with a herb and spice mixture - exactly what is probably a secret they'll take to their grave, but I think there's oregano in there somewhere - and then cooked over charcoal. The result is a beautifully moist chicken that is heavenly in aroma and taste. Their chips are also of a very high standard.

I've tried their salads, and they are satisfactory, although I rarely buy them these days because it's easy to throw together my own salad. I'm the kind of person who resents paying for what I can easily do myself. The chicken and chips I could do myself, but I couldn't do them to Tasty Rooster's standard, so I don't bother trying.

Equally important is the fact that they are consistent. I've bought takeaway chicken and chips from here perhaps once a month or so for more years than I can remember - probably nearly as long as they have been in business - and their standards have never slipped by even a millimetre. The food is perfect every time. That's something I can say about very few food places. I can't even say it about my favourite fish and chip shop, much as I like them.

Service is quick, friendly and efficient. My only criticism is that they close far too early in the evening. Many times I've thought, "Hmmm. Charcoal chicken for dinner would be good. Oh, damn - it's 7:30pm - they're probably closed already!" Sometimes I've gone over there just in case they're still open, but I've never yet been in luck. I forget exactly what time they close, but it's way too early for the time that I'm normally starting to think about dinner.

You'll find Tasty Rooster at the top of Waterfield St, facing away from the street and towards the car park. If you're having trouble finding it, wind down the car window and follow your nose. Literally. I can smell the wonderful herby charcoal aroma well before I can see the place.

04 Feb 2010

Take away charcoal chicken and chips are yummy. The chips and chicken are lightly seasoned. You can order the chicken or just turn up. The turnover is fast as it is open from11 each morning. The chicken is moist and not dry. You can have salad as well. The chicken has a great charcoal flavour.

28 Jan 2010

The food here is very good quality, and the cooking is great. Chips are excellent, and the chicken is proper charcoal chicken (good quality la ionica, although I'm vegetarian my partner loves it). They cost a little more than the other BBQ chicken shops on Sydney Road and Waterfield Street, but Tasty Rooster is the best in the area.

13 Jan 2010

The chips here are delicious and cooked the way I like it. The have charcoal chicken (laonica) and sell salads and other products. the service is really good. the prices are a bit high but we get discounts because we know the owners.

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