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15 May 2014

I have recently changed from my previous mobile provider to Telstra network.

I have changed a few times now and I must say that Telstra is the best for coverage, I never have any drop outs or lose my calls.

I have been with other providers other the years and have always experience bad reception, not with Telstra I always have full bars.

I have always used prepaid and find this is much easier for me and my busy life.

Approximate cost: $35.00

MazB35 15 May 2014 · 100% Trust

as a fellow telstra customer .. yes the network for mobile is excellent, but my only complaint is the price .. its more expensive than other companies

12 Aug 2013

Happy with my mobile on the telstra network qith great value on the prepaid caps as I only have to recharge once a month and feel it is great value for money

06 May 2012

The service is great, and you can get a signal almost anywhere. It would be nice if there was a larger offering of plans though.

richardw14 22 Aug 2012 · 100% Trust

a little more expensive than some other companies but reception is by far the best

03 Feb 2012

I have been using Telstra for my mobile phone service for years. They are more expensive but the extra money is worth it. Everyone I know who is with another company always complains about their coverage and drop outs. Telstra seems to be the best in this. I use prepaid and there are some seful options to purchase packages so you can keep track easily or how the credit is being spent.

richardw14 06 Nov 2012 · 100% Trust

more expensive but reception is by far the best

20 May 2011

I walked into the Telstra shop at Richmond NSW, the staff are great. They have a great store now it jas been refitted and have live phones so now you can actually try before you buy literally. I would recommend this store if you have any telecommunication questions. As the staff are helpful.

12 Apr 2011

Telstra is a backbone of Telecommunication industry in australia so their quality is top of the range but very expensive. If someone has money go for telstra. Coverage is awsome

25 Jan 2011

if they didn't have the best coverage i wouldn't be with them! Time after time I have had countless problems with my phone or account and they never seem to be able to fix the problem without costing you money!

Approximate cost: $100.00

06 Jan 2011

living in a Next G area I had no choice but to go with Telstra I find them totally way over priced on everything comapred with other companies their service is not great they never call back or reply to any queries over all not the best company to go with if you have a choice

07 Aug 2010

Really unhappy with the lack of service/help I received or didn't receive from Telstra. I had a dispute with them which was ongoing and stressful, I was bounced from person to person having to explain the problem over and over again. I finally contacted the ombudsman, that fixed it and then after 12 years of loyalty got rid of Telstra. Am now with three.

22 Jun 2010

Im really disapointed and regretting getting a 24 month plan with telstra, they suck there too expensive and the customer service sucks they cant even speak english.

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