6 reviews about TRUenergy

12 Oct 2010

I researched for electric and gas rates and compared prices with dozens of other utility companies. This one has the best value. We get 3% discount for paying our bills on time. Another 3% discount for subscribing both gas and electric. After all the discounts, their rate is the lowest among them all.

09 Jun 2010

Pretty good supplier of electricity, service is always good and the prices seem to be competitive. I think that electricity is overpriced in general, however do not have any qualms with tru energy in particular. We continue to use them as they seem to be reliable and fairly easy to deal with

26 Sep 2008

I tried for a year to switch to their green electricity plan. After many phone calls and and even letters from them welcoming me as a customer I finally gave up after a year of not successfully switching providers and went with someone else.

22 May 2008

Tru energy have been our suppliers of Gas and Electricity for about 3 years. The simple account payment and account paid monthly prevents horror accounts occuring, and enables us to budget.

16 Jan 2008

I was an early convert to Truenergy. When we moved bayside, our bill after six months dropped. I thought, how good is this, an electricity company that charges you less. Then a year later they realize that our consumption was actually much, much higher than what they were billing. It took them a while to realize this. After Christmas, they reassessed our account and sought a massive amount. After a few long phone calls, we agreed to split the difference and that I go onto another plan. However, once the next bill came all that we had previously agreed to never got put into effect! They were still seeking the exorbitant amount I complained about. After more negotiation came another bill seeking thousands. I call and they said to ignore it because I had switched to a new plan. Done. So comes today's bill where they mention that I had not paid and was warning of disconnection. Do these people talk to each other within their own corporation? As soon as I make more complaints, I'm leaving this lousy service provider.

13 Sep 2007

I have used TRUenergy (formerly TXU) for 5+ years in various rental properties. I am still using them because I am too lazy to change but after a painful drawn out saga regarding my dual fuel account about a year ago I do not intend to use their services in homes going forward.

I signed onto dual fuel for the obvious selling points of knowing what my bills would be each month and having both bills combined to one. When I started recieving the bills (which is based on an estimate to begin with depending how many people occupy the house etc. and then averaged out over a few months of actual usage) I found the cost to be a lot higher than I had payed in a previous rental property with 2 occupants on the same package (at this stage I was now a single occupant). Each month for many months I would call TRUenergy to discuss the cost of my bills and determine when they would start to average out and how I might be re-imburssed for any over charging of these initial bills. The customer service was average, explainations ordinary and over many many months I was paying what I felt to be too much for a single person who worked full time.

Eventually my partner moved in and we gave up and had our service changed back to the ordinary pay for what you use on seperate bills for gas and electricity three monthly/quarterly. I would not use dual fuel again. To be fair, it worked the first time I signed on with it for a year lease but when I moved house and signed on again I do not believe it was an accurate estimation and month after month it did not seem to average out at all. On top of this I am unimpressed how my monthly calls seeking explaination never seemed to get me anywhere to have my concerns sufficiently reviewed.

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