Reviews by Megan5

This review is for Rose Gpo, Rosebud VIC

17 Dec 2013

this is a great restaurant to visit with friends and family. the food is a bit over priced, but it tastes great. this restaurant has a good atmosphere and they provide great entertainment as well.

This review is for Pipeworks Market, Campbellfield VIC

28 Mar 2013

I absolutely love Pipeworks. You can buy many wonderful things that are incredibly cheap, but great quality. It has great rides and it's a lot of fun for the whole family. There is actually a bungee jumping area that you can go to at the market. I used to go to Pipeworks all the time and would love to go again, but apparently it's moving locations. Which is unfortunate, but they will be relocating the market somewhere nearby.

This review is for Encore Pizza, Rosebud VIC

12 Feb 2013

I've had a few good pizzas from here, but I have had better. Recently I ordered a pizza over the phone, so they could deliver it. But they completely forgot about my order and I was waiting for over an hour. I called them again and the good thing was that they decided to make a fresh new pizza and gave it to me for free. They are very polite, but I think you should try the pizza shop across the street. They are called Jetty's pizza.

This review is for Rosebud Cinema, Rosebud VIC

12 Feb 2013

This used to be a really small cinema. But they got rid of one of the cinema rooms and now the result of that has made other rooms bigger and better. There prices are the regular cinema prices. I do enjoy going here and on Sundays and Tuesdays the ticket prices are cheaper.

Approximate cost: $12

This review is for Peninsula One - Stop Music Shop, Rosebud VIC

09 Feb 2013

I live on the Mornington Peninsula and I think this is a great music shop. Have been here several times and sells some fantastic instruments. Good service and quality.

This review is for Aldi, Rosebud VIC

09 Feb 2013

Cheap prices and quick service. The food at Aldi is really good for the low price. Great shop and near Easter time their chocolate bunnies are only 99c. I enjoy going here because you save a lot of money, but you buy many things without going out of your price range.

This review is for Library, Rosebud VIC

07 Feb 2013

Great library that has a lot of interesting books. Not the bet library, but still pretty good for the area where I live. Good service and most of them are polite.

This review is for Hungry Jacks, Melton VIC

03 Feb 2013

I love hungry jacks, but they don't have one where I live. So when I go traveling I like to get a meal. The prices are great and their frozen cokes are only $1.00. The service is pretty good and they sell some delicious meals.

This review is for David Jones, Cheltenham VIC

03 Feb 2013

Great place to go shopping, but prices are rather expensive. Pretty good service and great value. Fantastic quality and I will be going back there again soon.

This review is for

03 Feb 2013

I absolutely love jbhifi. Their products are fantastic prices and are great value. I have bought a couple of things online, but I prefer to go in store to choose what I want. Usually I go on the website to check the best deals on boxing day before I go in the store.