Reviews by brendan-h-lee

This review is for itouch resume services, Sydney NSW

verified email - 10 Mar 2016

Having had 4 months to experience the difference a professionally created resume / cover letter / LinkedIn profile by itouch makes, I recommend their services to anyone looking for a job.
I went from being lucky to get any feedback or response from employers and recruiters to positive replies and people initiating contact with me to offer me roles.
Not only that, it also gave me great peace of mind and confidence that my applications that I was putting out there are of great quality and are not the reason I don't get selected for a role that I apply for.
The resume is the most critical part, nowadays together with a LinkedIn profile to not getting tossed into the rejected pile when applying for a job. The money you invest in enlisting itouch's help will immediately come back to you the first job you apply for.
I've spent countless hours trying to write and improve my own resume, even if you think your current set is fine, I still recommend trying out itouch, it really help with the ultimate goal of getting noticed and landing that interview.