Reviews by jen34

This review is for Ragamuffin, Leichhardt NSW

14 Jun 2013

I actually had to detox myself from Ragamuffin, because I found myself going in there every second day for one of their steam-baked muffins! It doesn't help that the coffee is excellent as well. The staff are just gorgeous, and I love that they are constantly innovating and coming up with new and different muffin flavours. I also love that the muffins have a little surprise custard, jam or relish inside to keep it interesting. Try them out, you'll be delighted!

Approximate cost: $7

This review is for Bonarche Burgers, Leichhardt NSW

15 Nov 2012

My husband and I love a good gourmet burger, so were super excited to find out that Bonarche had opened up in our hood. We weren't feeling particularly hungry the night we went there so ended up sharing the Tokyo chicken burger and some chips. We also got the kids chicken burger for our little one. The Tokyo burger was delicious, nice crispy panko crumbs and very moist chicken, with coleslaw and some kind of pickle. The pickle was delicious and really made the burger. The kids meal was simple with grilled chicken, cheese and what seemed to be a homemade tomato sauce. Love the decor of the place and the way the food is presented. All the staff were very friendly and helpful. Love that it's open early so we can go in for a quick meal with the little one. We will be back!

Approximate cost: $15