Reviews by randym1

This review is for CLELEC, Melbourne VIC

04 Oct 2016

Justin is a very friendly person and got the job done quick and with a
good result. I had a problem with my exhaust fan in my bathroom and we were
unable to find the model number for the motor. But he came, took it out,
bought a new one and installed it perfectly in just less than 2 hours. I
was very satisfied!

This review is for Phoenix Sound Studios, Hurstbridge VIC

13 Feb 2015

Phoenix Sound Studios is definitely one of the best recording studios in Melbourne. Justin really knows his stuff and made my music sound much better than I would ever have imagined. He is friendly, accommodating and takes the time to get to know his clients.

The sound of the studio is second to none. I loved the vocal and drum sounds. Absolutely remarkable! Those room mics where sweet! I knew Justin is an amazing drummer but I didn't know he plays bass guitar really well too!

Wonderful tranquil surroundings. Highly recommended!