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03 Jul 2016

Our Staffy Neville always has a great time when we leave him with the amazing team at Hanrob. It is always a good sign when he runs off without looking back when we drop him off!

07 Jun 2016

My dogs Peppa and Sally are never sad to see me go and I think that says a lot. They enjoy their stay and usually come home a little plumper.
The kennels are lovely and the staff seem to really love animals.

20 Apr 2016

We know that Poppy will be well cared for when she stays at Hanrob. From looking after her special dietary/health needs, to making sure she gets lots of cuddles. The team at Hanrob always go out of their way to make her feel happy and secure.

15 Mar 2016

Georgie loves going to see all of her friends at Hanrob Sydney Airport. She always comes home happy & healthy. Cannot recommend them highly enough.

15 Mar 2016

They genuinely care for your pet and do there best to ensure it has the best time and is happy

02 Mar 2016

Hanrob offer great service and care of my puppies. The fact that they offer all day play is excellent with such high energetic dogs.

01 Mar 2016

The staff are always so attentive to Molly and take great care of her, I would highly recommend the Sydney airport kennels.

01 Mar 2016

Friendly service. Always willing to do over and above what is expected. Very clean amenities. Our dogs always come home happy and clean.

29 Feb 2016

We had our 3 Chihuahuas stay at the airport location on at least 3 occasions in ONE kennel, charged per dog, very expensive even though they had given us a discount. Costing almost $800 for 7 days in ONE kennel (8 days but pick up before 9.00am, drop off before 12.00am). Whilst the staff are very friendly and helpful they are not all well educated in dealing with a problem should one arise. On one of their stays at Hanrob airport location, we had problems with one of our dogs and Hanrobs staff had no idea how to handle the situation, this involved daily emailing for advice and our holiday was spent worrying about our dog. When we picked him up, he was in a bad way with very sore swollen eyes. On the second occasion, upon pick up, one of our dogs had a bad cough and flu like symptoms it took almost 2 weeks for him to recover (Hanrob proclaim to check every dog is vaccinated for kennel cough however on the last occasion they did not contact me to find out if they were all vaccinated for kennel cough however I sent Hanrob their vaccination certificates prior to their stay). To add insult to injury, Hanrob charge per calendar day (which we were not aware of at the time) and even when you pick them up early before 9.00am or drop them off early, you are still charged a FULL calendar day. Hanrob offer NO flexibility in this area and they do not care if you complain as they feel they have the monopoly in the market for pet boarding. When we enquired about their overcharging, they said that they are entitled to charge per calendar day and they would not refund us the full days charge even though our dogs were picked up before 9.00am, dropped off before 12.00am, no half day charges are available or hourly. Hanrob are expensive enough as it is and they still want to squeeze every penny from you. The amount of dollars you pay, you expect top notch quality care, which we feel we have not received on their visits with airport Hanrob. We feel they take full advantage of their pricing structure but do not deliver the top quality care they proclaim to do. On a positive note, we have found the staff friendly and helpful but genuine, I doubt it. The prices Hanrob charge for the care given, we would rather find better quality care at an affordable rate, will never go their again. If you book your pets in, read the fine print.

Approximate cost: $800

12 Dec 2015

My first holiday away in 20 years so the 3 cats and 1 dog have never been away from home. PANIC!! Who can I ask to care for 4 animals who don't get along, each having their own individual quirks? RING HANROB. NO PROBLEM. Book in-EASY. They even put up with me phoning several more times with questions. Drop off-EASY. OFF TO ENJOY THE CRUISE. Worry how they are all doing, can only see their scared confused faces as I left them. Receive an email from Hanrob with an update on each of them, that puts my mind at ease. NOW BACK TO ENJOY THE CRUISE.
CAN'T WAIT TO PICK EVERYONE UP to have the whole family together again. Everyone is healthy and in tact. That's all I wanted. The bonus is that the dog sleeps for two days, exhausted from playing with all the friends she made. The bully cat is actually friendly and so smoochy and the timid cat had the time of her life not having to worry about constantly looking over her shoulder.
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