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7 reviews about Jason Withers Original Diamonds

29 Jan 2014

It is with great pleasure that I write about the experience I have had with Jason and the Jason Withers team!
Amidst the dilemma of deciding and organising when, where, how I would propose to my girlfriend, it was such a pleasure to be dealing with a professional team who could personally walk me through the process of purchasing that amazing engagement ring!
From the moment I made an enquiry, the personalised and professional approach began - and even almost two years later, it continues!
I must admit that like most young guys, I did not know much about the quality and legitimacy of diamonds - just that women seemed to love them! Jason and his team, namely Debbie and Emily, helped me understand and become a pro. They were always willing to answer any questions promptly and provide advice appropriately. My wife will not mind me saying that she is very picky - and this was well catered for with the array of designs and ability to customise. I would ask for certain characteristics based on preferences from my better half and I would receive artworks representing that design and quotes for different diamonds and materials.
After many emails, phone discussions, designs, options, quotes etc, I had finally decided on a ring. The design was perfect - classic with a contemporary twist and an absolutely AMAZING diamond! I was honestly stunned by the result and needless to say, she said yes and we are now happily married.
It is definitely one of those rings that people genuinely love - and with the variety of designs and stones available, the team will be able to create your perfect ring too! We have received nothing but compliments for the last 18mths and it sparkles with all the colours of the rainbow every day.
I can understand the apprehension if you are considering purchasing outside of a city that has a store. It is an important and expensive process which will have great bearing on your future - you want to get it right, right? Well the process was flawless and my needs were met so well I would recommend to anybody. Jason Withers himself flew from Brisbane to hand-deliver my ring and this was well beyond my expectations - just proving the wonderfully personal approach.
All in all, Jason and his team deserve a big congratulations on their level of customer service and dedication to each client - highly recommended from me...10/10!

11 Mar 2013

After reading hundreds of good reviews on this place, we made an appointment to check it out. They had lots of nice rings, and were generally good at finding something in our price range, or so we thought.

After looking at lots of rings, deciding to push our budget a little higher, and more or less deciding on what we want, we find out that the price DID NOT include GST. So having increased our budget slightly already, the extra 10% was going to be a large increase in our budget.

This ultimately annoyed my fiance and I, and we decided to take our business elsewhere.

The staff were very nice, and generally pretty helpful, but neglecting to tell us the ACTUAL price from the start resulting in us getting our hopes up and wasting our time.

jasonw6 11 Mar 2013 · 80% Trust

Hi Scott,

I'm sorry you did not feel you had a positive experience.

As we are a wholesalers and jewellers, it is customary in the trade to quote prices in this format. We always explain that this price is "plus GST"

We always strive to provide fantastic service and low prices to our customers.

If you would like us to quote you again, we would be happy to help.

Kind Regards,
The Team at Jason Withers Original Diamonds

19 Oct 2012

If you're looking for a friendly and personal experience with exceptional quality then look no further...

Over a year ago I decided to propose to my (now) wife, I shopped around the retail stores and could not find anything that fit the bill, at this point I started to worry. My brother-in-law came to the rescue and recommended Jason; he previously has the engagement ring and wedding bands made by Jason. Upon arrival Jason reassured us that he would be able to find the right rings for us and after just 2 visits the engagement ring was made. Honestly once you've picked up and tried on any of the rings from Jason you immediately feel the quality and weight of the metals and can see the clarity of the diamonds.

There really is a huge difference between high-street store jewelry and the jewelry that Jason produces and just too top things off... You actually end up with a finished product that costs less than the price you would pay for a lesser item from retail. All in all, we cannot recommend Jason and his team highly enough! In the end we got all of our rings designed and created by Jason.

Thank you Jason and to your hard working team,

Andrew & Claire

jasonw6 19 Oct 2012 · 80% Trust

Thank you so much Andrew and Claire, it was an absolute pleasure to make your rings! :-)

14 Dec 2011

They are a great business to deal with. I would highly recommend them. The service was fantastic. The ring is stunning and was much more than I had expected. Their ring designs are truly beautiful and show off the diamond splendidly. I will be going to see them again for my next piece of jewellery. Keep u the good work guys.

26 Oct 2011

Jason recently designed my fiance and I the most beautiful pink diamond engagement ring! When we collected the ring it was even more beautiful than we had hoped and every day when I wear it it makes me smile! We couldn't be happier and couldn't recommend Jason more. He is a lovely man who listens and understands what you want in a ring and designs amazing jewelery to the highest quality... and at a fraction of the retail price! We are looking forward to Jason designing our wedding rings.

More background in case you are interested in our experience below....
We got engaged on holidays and bought a ring in the Bahamas that we loved the style of but were unsure of what we were buying. On returning home we went to see Jason to better understand what we had bought and discuss whether our pink diamond idea (we wanted to put a pink diamond in the centre of the ring) would work (I was also worried as the setting was very delicate that I would loose one of its stones). Having seen Jason he was really good at understanding what we wanted in an engagement ring and specially designed for us a ring using the key style elements we loved of the Bahamas ring, but with much more beautiful diamonds and to the most amazing level of quality. The setting is now much more robust and near indestructable which given I intend to wear the ring forever is a pretty important feature which Jason really understood. Thanks Jason!

18 Oct 2011

A colleague recommended Jason to me and I am very grateful that they did. He really went above and beyond to make sure that everything was perfect and that the rings were exactly what we were after.

The rings have turned out beautifully and are of a very, very high standard. The price and quality far exceeds anything you will find in a run of the mill jeweller in Queen St or anywhere else in Brisbane.

Thanks again Jason

07 Aug 2010

Highly recommended! I searched around the net for diamond wholesalers when I had a not so nice experience with retail shops (read my other review). Original diamonds came highly recommended. Jason is friendly and professional and will guide you through whatever your budget will be. As he is a diamond wholesaler, you will be guaranteed on the best prices in comparison to retail outlets, and he will customise the ring to however you/your partner likes it. We will definitely return to him for our wedding bands!

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