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07 Feb 2013

Our 4 year old dog has been going to Badger Creek Boarding Kennels since she was a pup. Paul and his team have been so attentive and thoughtful to her personal needs. You can bring your own bedding and toys to help ease the transition. Our dog wags her tail when she arrives at the kennels and is happy to go with Paul through to the kennels. She comes home happy and healthy - she doesn't skip a beat. We will continue to take her to these kennels because we know she is well looked after, and then we can rest easy on our holiday too.

04 Jan 2013

Several years ago I went to USA for 9 weeks. My cats and dog had been there previously and seemed very happy. (The kennel not USA, ha ha!) Sadly one of my cats took seriously ill and had to be put to sleep. The owners were exceptional in helping my poor cat and did every thing they could for him. I can not fault them in any way. I haven't used them in a while, but in the past everything about their friendliness, acceptance of my cats fussiness and dog's set routine, was fantastic! Would definitely use again!

24 Dec 2012

Friendly service / no hassle / great communicater.

Badger Creek Kennels has a very picturesque outlook for my 2 dogs and cat.
I was very impressed with the fire protection system they have provided in the event of a fire ( the only one i have come across todate)

I will definately be back !!!

Thanks to Paul and the team

Mick C

23 Nov 2012

We first took our 5 year old kelpie "Winnie" to Badger Creek Kennels in about 1997 and were delighted to meet Paul and Ros after they bought the business in September 2003.
Both Winnie and our big tabby "Tom" always came home looking great and obviously enjoyed their stays at Badgers Creek. After Winnie died 2 months short of 18 years old our 'new' 4 year old kelpie "BillY" also delights in going to Badgers; he wags his tail when Paul arrives and can't wait to jump into Paul's van. After 15 year's experience we highly recommend Badgers Creek with Paul and his team's dedicated care and we think they enjoy having our pets to stay!

29 Oct 2012

My old dog became very ill (not unexpected) while staying at Badger Creek. I cannot express how wonderful they were, providing the best possible care for her, providing constant supervision, even taking her to my vet. I was so glad that I chose to board her rather than have a relative mind her as a relative could not possibly have recognised the signs, nor provided the same level of care. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

15 Oct 2012

Paul and the team were absolutely fantastic. I used Badger creek kennels whilst i was having work done in my backyard. From my changing days constantly due to weather interruptions, to changing on the day, they were fantastic. Never an issue, didnt make me feel like i was inconveniencing them at all. My dog was so excited every time i drove up couldnt wait to get out of the car.

03 Sep 2012

Friendly service. Reliable. Obviously has great affection for the animals in their care. I am content to leave my beloved dogs knowing they will be well looked after. Additional payments mean my dogs can have extra treats as in heated beds, extra play time etc. Coats are provided for the dogs in cold weather. Actually my dogs seem to enjoy themselves so much with 'playtime' etc that they sometimes seem reluctant to come home.

13 Aug 2012

Good service,the dog enjoys going here. Paul and his crew do a good job.I would recommend to all,who want their dog looked after well.

17 Jul 2012

I've been taking my two furry friends to Badger Creek on a regular basis for about the past 5 years. And while they let out a few woofs of "not again" when I'm dropping them off, they never take a look backwards once they're lead off through the entrance gate. They genuinely seem to enjoy themselves with the mental and physical stimulation they get each time they stay. I can honestly recommend Paul and his team to you if you're considering using Badger Creek for the first time; I'm sure you'll come back again once you've tried the experience.

Approximate cost: $24 and $26 each

16 Jul 2012

Our 2 dogs are always happy when we drop them off (unlike when we take them to the vet!) and when we pick them up. Paul and the team are always so helpful and it gives us peace us mind to know that are pets are being looked after whilst we are aware. It is also a nice touch that the dogs have a wash before we pick them up. I highly recommend
Badger Creek Kennels!

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