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29 Apr 2017

This agent does not adhere to REIV policies for Real Estate agents they lie and do not do what they say they will the conduct in my home was unprofessional and offensive - warn an potential buyers and sellers to look elsewhere - no complaints process - no accountability for behaviours

27 Mar 2017

Rip off. Charged the earth for marketing and then forgot us completely. Organised no inspections, had not a single expression of interest. Just fobbed us off. When we changed agent after a year of nothing, sold within 2 months for half the cost. When we disputed the marketing costs they sent collection agents after us. Very nasty experience.

28 Aug 2013

I have rented a house through Ballarat Real Estate before and i must admit i was far from impressed.
In the start it was great, house inspections were done with great notice etc. Towards the end, they didn't want to any problems we were having.
I would definitely look for a house elsewhere first!!

Approximate cost: $-

22 Nov 2012

We rented a property through ballarat real estate and never again would i go through ballarat real estate. we moved in and was never told the house was on the market for sale nor was it on any websites stating it was for sale. When we had problems with the house the communication was poor all of a sudden the repairman would just turn up unexpected. Things were breaking in the house as in piping underground so water and waste was going all over the place at the side of the house it took them 6 weeks to repair it and because the owner of the place was best friends with our propery manager we was always brushed off. When we was in the process of moving in Ballarat real estate gave out our spare key to another realestate with out our permission and let all these people come through that were looking at buying to which when they left the property they left the whole property unlocked.!
I wouldnt recommend this company to a single sole

ReecesCheckYaPieces 22 Mar 2013 · 0% Trust

Hi Mummy234,
We know what you mean...our dearest friend, a woman dying of cancer, has been without hot water for inexcess of 48 hours. Consumer Affairs has been consulted but it could legally take weeks, despite legal obligations. Just plain wrong! Reeces

13 Dec 2011

I used BRE to manage my rental property, and subsequently sell it. They have a very professional appearance, and I found that the agents both worked hard to sell/rent my property. They weren't wonderful at replying to emails, a phone call worked best.

Approximate cost: $2% sale, 8% rental

04 Dec 2011

We rented our investment properties through this company, and their service levels were poor. We moved to another agent in Ballarat, and they have had the properties for a couple of years now and are doing a great job with communication and maintenance. We would not recommend Ballarat Real Estate, the standards are poor in rentals.

18 Jul 2011

I am currently in the process of finding a rental property to live in. Through Ballarat Real Estate I have applied for approximately five houses. I have not heard back at all. I would have thought at least contacting me to tell me that I had been unsuccessful would be polite, but apparently not.

The receptionists were always nice to me when they took my applications and were thorough by checking to see if I had attached my ID and signed the forms.

They do allow open inspections which is both good and bad all at the same time. It's good because you can easily see on the internet, rental list or anywhere else the inspection times. The downside to this is that they cannot contact you to see if the property has been LET which means that it's up to the customer to continually see if the property is still available.

The agents are always on time I'm just rating so low because of the fact that they never ring back when they offer to, they have never ONCE contacted me to say that I have been successful or unsuccessful. Overall bad service. Which sucks cause most of the houses they offer are wonderful houses that I'd love to occupy.

10 Dec 2009

very helpful agents , were great when we were house hunting , straight forward not pushy , great communication and lovely service with a smile , we got the house keys with a bottle of wine which was really appreciated

03 Nov 2009

I was renting through Ballarat Real Estate for 4 years and I reported and re-reported problems over and over and they never sent anyone to fix them. Some of the things were fixed, however after a year and half of telling them that the fan in the bathroom and the ONLY heater in the house weren't working, they still haven't been fixed. If they can leave a tenant without heating throughout winter, I don't see how they could really be nice to anyone. I feel sorry for anyone that gets stuck in a house being leased by this company.

ReecesCheckYaPieces 30 Apr 2010 · 0% Trust

This is a shocking account of what happened to you.

For future reference, The Residential Tenancies Act (1987) covers renter’s rights and obligations.
Consumer Affairs offers a range of services and advice for both renters and landlords alike.

Complaints and disputes can also be dealt with via The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) and The Residential Tenancies List.

Incidentally, heating repairs are usually among those classified as ‘urgent’ and if not repaired within a specific (minimal) time frame, there are serious consequences for those who ignore such requests.

Unfortunately, there are many incompetent and unethical businesses around these days, not excluding real estate agents. It has therefore become imperative that we as individuals know our rights in order for them to be protected. Although my outlook may be perceived as a little naive, I like to think that whenever I lodge a formal complaint, it may make the offending party think twice before inflicting the same, unacceptable behaviour upon another unsuspecting person.

I am so glad you WOMOWed this business. ;)

25 Sep 2007

whilst in the middle of purchasing a property, and waiting for a valuation from bank, a particular agent sold house from underneath us for an extra $500. Was very impatient and rude and could not understand that our bank in melbourne had to come and have property valued before sale could proceed. recieved rude and abrupt phone calls from agent during entire process.

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