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342 reviews about Beauty & The Bees

13 Sep 2012

This company is so professional and customer focussed, I love them. Their products are also of exceptional quality. A reliable and highly professional trader.

Beauty & The Bees 07 Nov 2012

Wow that makes our collective hearts swell with pride Mark, we really do try, and get it right most of the time...why not like us on Facebook? Thanks SO much Jill

itgirl41 30 Nov 2012 · 100% Trust

Re comment below, why are companies so hung up about being liked on Facebook? Everyone knows companies buy likes with competitions etc it means nothing now. A review on Womo is harder to get.

Beauty & The Bees 03 Dec 2012

Hi Itgirl ( great name) We agree...but we find that people seem to expect an INSTANT response on Facebook, which with a small team working flat out as hard as we can, is not always possible- we can't always keep up with Facebook either ;-( but the whole "liking" thing is beyond we old codgers ;-) we just truck along making our goodies and if people want to do that ( liking) great. Thanks for taking the time to comment! Jill

21 Apr 2017

Fantastic natural products and unbelievable online service. Literally arrived the next day and I live in Brisbane. Will definitely be back.

Approximate cost: $50.0

07 Apr 2017

I discovered these guys in Hobart a couple of years ago, and i've been using their beard shampoo bar ever since. I've tried others, but it's just the best product of its kind on the market.

It's a totally natural, oil-based product that still has a nice lather to it, and a subtle aroma that won't get in the way of other products like scented beard oil. It lasts quite a while (4 months when using it every other day!), so it's incredibly good value for money. Excellent results - my beard feels light and soft (yet thick), and beardruff is a thing of the past.

This one's a no-brainer! I'm very happy to support an Aussie product, support apiarists, and support a Tassie local!

01 Apr 2017

My first time purchasing and trying a shampoo bar. Loved it! Delivery quick and the Voodoo shampoo bar is excellent. What a great Australian company I'll definitely be buying more products. Thank you very much.

27 Mar 2017

I've tried a few different hair products and their face and body soaps and I must say they work a treat. My hair has never looked or felt better.. and my skin feels really clean but not stripped or dry after a shower. To top it off it's made here I live in Victoria but to me it's still Australian
made, it's natural and you support the environment which is great! Thank you Beauty and the bees for making such wonderful skin and hair products. Is there any chance you may be able to make a deodorant (like in a lavender or lemon/orange scent)? I look forward to that

22 Mar 2017

Have been a customer for a while, I love all the products and the quick delivery . I love it being Australian company .Thank you

21 Mar 2017

Apart from excellent customer service and on time delivery, the product is brilliant! I have been recommending this company to others - very impressed so far.

08 Mar 2017

The products are amazing and deliver true to the promise. Always reliable delivery, easy to order and deal with. I love that this is an Australian business with sustainable and health conscious products.

04 Mar 2017

Been a very happy customer of Beauty & The Bees for over a decade now. Just love, love, love their products, service & philosophy! Not a hesitation in recommending them to everyone!

02 Mar 2017

Excellent natural products and exceptional service. I will be following through with this wonderful Aussie business again!
Thank you Beauty & The Bees

Beauty & The Bees 02 Mar 2017

Thanks Mary we do our best and you couldn't have put it better Hope to be of service to you again

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