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385 reviews about Beauty & The Bees

13 Sep 2012

This company is so professional and customer focussed, I love them. Their products are also of exceptional quality. A reliable and highly professional trader.

carmen-f 27 Apr 2017 · 60% Trust

absolutely right !!!

samuel-n 21 Jul 2017 · 60% Trust

True !

adam-w347 31 Jul 2017 · 60% Trust

Right Said !!

02 Feb 2018

Love their products. Beautiful quality. Excellent service. Have been using these products for more than 10 years. Highly recommend.

17 Jan 2018

I honestly can't speak highly enough. Exceptional products that are natural, smell amazing and work miracles.
I have cleared up adult acne, diminished to nothing 25yrs of acne scarring and have healthy skin in every way. Nothing else in 25yrs+ has ever helped like Beauty and the Bees products.
My hair is also long and healthy using the shampoo bars, conditioner and rinse.
Seriously these products are amazing, I dont normally do reviews but Beauty and the Bees is worth it. 2yrs I have used their products and nothing else and that's how it will continue

07 Jan 2018

Last year it was one of my goals to move to a natural shampoo, for environmental considerations and to improve the state of my hair. I’m in my early twenties and have been using Head & Shoulders for as long as I can remember due to dandruff. However, H&S leaves my hair oily at the roots and dry and frizzy at the ends. It fixed the dandruff but left my scalp irritated. I’ve tried 3 different natural shampoos this year, all for 2-3 months at a time to allow for a transition period. But they only left my hair lank and oily with terrible dandruff and a mouldy smell. Defeated, I moved back to H&S.

Fast forward to my accidental stumble upon Beauty & The Bees, I’ve now been using B.B. beer shampoo, ACV rinse and honey silk conditioner bar for 2 months, and I am SO happy with the results. My hair feels the cleanest it’s ever felt, is so soft and my natural waves are showing through again. My scalp and skin does not feel one but irritated - not a sign of dandruff. Someone commented recently how shiny my hair looked - a compliment I’ve never had before! I did not find I needed a transition period, I noticed a difference from day one. I can now go about 3 days without washing my hair, compared to 1-2 days before! I hope the dandruff stays away when winter comes around again. Tutorials very useful too.

I’m also enjoying the Black Velvet soap on my face, it leaves a lingering smell of liquorice in my bathroom which I love. I’ve recently started using the Polishing Scrub, Liquid Velvet serum, Marigold light moisture cream and rose red lip balm - I love them all! I don’t think my skin has ever looked this clear.

Very fast delivery - 2 days from Tassie to WA!!! That’s unheard of.

Extremely happy customer, I’m already telling all my friends about your products. Thank you so much.

28 Nov 2017

Wonderful natural products that do not make me react, thank you Beauty and the Bees. Other benefits include long lasting, easy to travel with, oh and did I say no reactions.

12 Nov 2017

Most beautiful natural skin products on the market, I would highly recommend them to anyone. Plus the Company is very environmentally conscious during production & delivery including packaging.

11 Nov 2017

Having discovered this business more than a decade ago - Salamanca Market days- I have never looked back from using B & B products! They are a staple item in our bathroom, as our gift buying standard and recommendations to new parents, friends with problem skin and anyone just wanting something a bit different / ethical.

05 Nov 2017

I use the Moroccan Mud Shampoo Bar and Dead Sea Mud & Leatherwood Honey Soap for my face and they both leave me feeling extra pampered with soft skin and silky smooth hair!
my hair feels thicker when I use this compared to regular shampoos and I love how well the soap lathers , very smooth and velvety. I love that these are all natural and cruelty free ! Really great products that I would recommend to everyone, Thankyou! (:

04 Nov 2017

Love the apple cider hair tonic bar shampoo. I have frizzy thick hair. After using the shampoo my hair has never been so healthy and smooth. I also use the apple cider rinse. I bought these products to cut down on excessive packaging and they work better than anything i have ever used,

24 Oct 2017

I recently stumbled across this business while surfing the net looking for natural, cruelty-free skin care & hair products. My goodies arrived within 2 days, smelling absolutely divine. I have tried the lemon & chamomile shampoo & honey silk hair conditioner bars, apple silk clarifying rinse, the polishing scrub & green clay face mask and am in love with all of them!!! Thank you so much for such quality products.
A very grateful customer :)

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