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363 reviews about Beauty & The Bees

13 Sep 2012

This company is so professional and customer focussed, I love them. Their products are also of exceptional quality. A reliable and highly professional trader.

carmen-f 27 Apr 2017 · 60% Trust

absolutely right !!!

samuel-n 21 Jul 2017 · 60% Trust

True !

adam-w347 31 Jul 2017 · 60% Trust

Right Said !!

22 Aug 2017

Since I stumbled upon the Leatherwood Honey and Macadamia RICH moisture cream (with Rose Geranium) many years ago, my skin is calm, even and very happy. No makeup required. Heaven. Not to mention all the supporting products to make for a delightful daily regime that is simple, clean and animal-testing-and-plastic-free. Delivery is prompt and communication regarding postage is clear. Thanks so much Beauty and the Bees! I'm a very loyal customer and plan to remain so til the end of days!

Approximate cost: $43

19 Aug 2017

I brought lemon and chamomile shampoo bar, and I love it. My hair looks and feels great! Service was good, can't wait to try more of their products.

18 Aug 2017

Beauty & The Bees provides prompt service, always ready to answer queries and very fast shipping. I love the soaps and always have at least two different ones to use. I love the sample packs that allow me to try new products without having to purchase full size items.

03 Aug 2017

Ordered the products yesterday and had them on my doorstep today! I simply love the super rich moisturiser and its beautiful scent - my skin is loving it :) Love Beauty & The Bees' philosophy!

03 Aug 2017

I use their hair products and facial cleansers and have found them great products. I have also started using their moisturisers and find them to be very soothing. Very convenient for travelling as well - no need to take bulky shampoo bottles etc. VERY prompt delivery. I have also bought some of their auxiliary products and love their KUU KONJAC sponges. Great it is also a local product.

28 Jul 2017

Loving every aspect!!! I won't use anything else on my skin and hair. The difference in the condition of my skin and my hair is just phenomenal! Thank you to the Ladies at Beauty and the Bees!!

25 Jul 2017

I just simply love this product and to think it is on my very own back door. I can't speak more highly of this product. Thank you

16 Jul 2017

If you are reading this ,you must buy the products from this company,for most of my adult life I suffered with dry skin through sun damage and dry flaking scalp (dandruff).After using a chemical laden shampoo in head & shoulders and still suffering the dry flaking ,I turned to beauty & bees hemp shampoo and never looked back ,after shampoo my scalp is squeaky clean and no more dandruff,for my skin I use the Zanzibar soap ,that dull dry looking skin has disappeared,now a soft ,shining healthy feel is what I have ,I also use the beard shampoo and conditionerand my beard has looked and felt better.If you have tattoos they even have tattoo cream that makes yourtatts pop like they are fresh from the making. I haven't looked back since switching to such wonderful products and the do exactly what the makers state,thanks beauty & bees .

10 Jul 2017

excellent products. This is the first time I tried using Shampoo Bar, and I've just tried their Top Seller #1 "Tasmanian Beer Shampoo Bar", even just 2 washes, I can feel the difference of my hair. The natural bouncy is back, and with using the Tasmanian Apple Cider and Herb Conditioning Rinse, just love my hair so much now. And smell really really nice too. Great quality of products and wonderful service. Love it, definitely will recommend to my friends.

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