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09 Jan 2017

I wish to publicly praise certain staff members for the outstanding customer service we've received from them at Ashfield Bunnings on Sunday 8/1/17. These three guys are Oli, Nathan and Chris. They should be acknowledged and rewarded for their great work as they are true assets to the company and will keep the customers happy and coming back for more. Many thanks for all your help and assistance

Approximate cost: $70

06 Mar 2015

I've been here to buy paint and general DIY stuff and staff are very helpful.I also had keys cut and they were cheap but plants and pots are a bit expensive.Best experience was a night they organised for women which was a really good experience- they have workshops regularly and place has good parking and plenty of choices

Approximate cost: $129

08 Jan 2013

Each time we venture here we always experience fantastic customer service and get what we need. The staff know their store (to direct you to where you need to go) and each has their respective field of expertise which helps when one isn't sure of the exact thing one needs - there really are too many choices of potting mix to choose from! The only problem with Ashfield Bunnings is the parking - it can be an absolute nightmare - so if you are going to do a Bunnings trip on the weekend - go early - or if you're not buying big items - walk!!

23 Sep 2012

We stop in here all the time when we are in the area, great parking area, lots of space, service is okay though hard to get as it busy at times.
Sometimes has BBQ so we can get a feed
Big store and variety
My hubby love all bunnings stores

Approximate cost: $45.00

localperson 23 Sep 2012 · 100% Trust

Dont go on a Saturday morning- its mayhem in the carpark!

13 Apr 2012

Always good customer service when you get it. when its busy it can be a nightmare to get the help you need. the staff are very knowledgeable about everything they sell, and they sell a lot!

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