49 reviews about Big W Online

10 Feb 2018

have read reviews about this on line service and how some people have been stuffed around by delivery or have to wait a long time for their orders to arrive,i seen a special on line the other night and compared it to my local big w store and it was cheaper to go in store and buy the item.

21 Jan 2018

only used on line services once and got stuffed around bad,was not the right item i had purchased on line when i went to pick up-now i would rather go instore myself and look around and get what i want.

07 Dec 2016

So so disappointed in the time it is taking to fulfill my order placed a week ago and still has not been dispatched. If I had any idea the service was this slow I would have gone to the stores myself to pick up. Wont use this service again.

14 reviews · 0% trust · 1730 points
15 Jun 2016

Shopping online can save you some money with their online specials. Some products are only available online and it saves the effort and worry

Approximate cost: $554

02 Jun 2015

Big W Online is my favorite department / variety online store to shop at. It saves you time and they have a massive range of goods. I can't wait to shop there again.

12 Aug 2014

I ordered online prints and when they arrived they have been cut incorrectly and the top 3mm of the photos was missing. I have now been discussing this problem with them for 4 weeks.
They keep delaying me over a $39.00 order by getting me to send back images of the submitted photos against the received. I have done this twice, but it was 3 weeks before they answered my original compliant and I still haven't received an answer. Don't bother with them. it was not worth it.

Approximate cost: $39.00

02 Nov 2013

Shopping online can save you some money with their online specials. Some products are only available online and it saves the effort and worry of department store visits. They can be a bit disorganised around xmas but usually they are really good at delivering your items too.

anniebombell 09 Nov 2013 · 100% Trust

Not a bad way to shop with these guys over the busy Christmas period but the delivery cost to my area was a bit rediculous.

22 Oct 2013

very good quality goods fast delivery I do love shopping online but also I do love going in to the store to see what they have in there as they don't have everything on there website :D and bonus they are always cheap

21 Oct 2013

they are very fast with delivery very good quality products easy to select the stuff or search the stuff you are looking for and nice and cheap very good service

26 Sep 2013

Each time iv ordered online iv experienced long delivery times, I'm hoping my last Christmas online toy sale lay-by isn't delivered at the last minute yet again

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