Reviews by sarah56

This review is for Noodle Box, Hervey Bay QLD

20 Aug 2013

The otherday i stopped here for lunch, the price is great and staff are soo friendly, we where chatting while my food was made fresh,(thats a bonus) but they did cook the noodles a little bit to long and they turned out soggy, either way the taste was nice and i will return,

This review is for Sams Warehouse, Pialba QLD

20 Aug 2013

i love Sam's for all the bargains i can get there, my children also like getting their pocket money and going there, the store is huge and the staff are so helpful and friendly, the only thing negative is the toys break real easy and quick, so if your going to by a $2-$10 toy, dont expect it to last long.But that is consistent in most cheap shops

This review is for Creekside Cafe @ The Pet Porpoise Pool, Coffs Harbour NSW

19 Aug 2013

after visiting the pet porpoise pool we went to the joining cafe, Creekside Cafe, it was lovely, the kids had iced chocolates and plenty of cream on top, they where happy and after having no coffee all day they had the most amazing cappuccinos, very reasonable prices and the staff where lovely,

This review is for Fast Access Finance, Hervey Bay QLD

16 Aug 2013

I had a bad experience with fast access but I will say the lady I delt with was lovely she was understanding and helped where she could. Interest rats are a bit high in my books but the length of the loans are good

This review is for Flash Harry's, Maryborough QLD

15 Aug 2013

Flash Harrys always have a great range of items at affordable prices, we went to get art supplies and my daughters ended up with 5 times more from Harry's then what they would get from a arts/craft shop. the canvas's are great price's and paint is so cheap but amazing quality ill always shop here

This review is for Salt Cafe, Urangan QLD

15 Aug 2013

amazing value breakfasts and the kids loved the pancakes, they even got a massiv scoop of icecream on them when they asked very nicely, the view over the beach while eating breakfast was beautiful, i have also stopped for coffee with friends so a great place for a quick cuppa or even a full meal, prices are great, and the staff are so cheerful,we had a great time

This review is for Hervey Bay Veterinary, Pialba QLD

15 Aug 2013

I visited this veterinary when i ran over my Cockatiels foot with my computer chair, i had fractured his foot and felt extremely bad, the vet reassured me his foot would heal and as i had my two children with me he was so kind as to show the girls our bird was fine and explained how he was just a little bit sore but would recover fine, the staff where great and the fee was extremely affordable seaming we just walked in without an appointment or call first, very understanding and would use again with no hesitant if needed.

This review is for Barbeques Galore, Hervey Bay QLD

15 Aug 2013

we went here to look at the tents as we knew they had camping gear, well the price is very pricy so we didnt buy one from there but the staff where helpful and nice, we did pick up a few good things for camping but i did think the prices they had on some stuff was beyond the joke. large store, nice staff and great products.

This review is for Nanas Pantry, Pialba QLD

15 Aug 2013

100% they sell the best coffee i have ever had. and the lollies, omg soooo yummy all sorts of lollies, i would buy my coffee here quite often until i had to move, but i still get there and the ladies there are so lovely, great products great service, lovely little shop. They also sell teas and heaps of other herbs, healthy foods/

This review is for Angelo's Pizza & Pasta Restaurant, Hervey Bay QLD

15 Aug 2013

i brought takeaway pizza from here a few times, great size and fresh ingredient, i love the sauce's they were not just tomato or bbq, it was tangy but bearable,but the kids hated it haha. I loved it so 5/5 for sure, price was fair also.

Approximate cost: $15-$25

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