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29 Apr 2018

We will never use them again and after our first experience of leaving our 5 months old cocker spaniel "Bailey" with them for 3 nights, we will in future be paying another $15 a day for a home minder to ensure he doesn't get kennel cough and that we have the peace of mind that he is getting care and attention. You know the worst examples you see pilloried on A current affairs programs of old age-care homes where they're all smiles at the shop front and promises of individual care and love and then mistreated and ignored once you've paid your money, signed an indemnity and driven away? Cottage Kennels is the "Aveo" equivalent of pet-care. Avoid them if you care about your pet.

Dear Andrew,
Firstly I am very sorry to hear that Bailey has come home with Canine Cough. We have not had many cases reported at all this year, so it particularly a shame that Bailey has contracted it on his first stay, as it is not at all common for dogs to contract it while here. We always ensure that every dog has a current C5 vaccination, which reduces the risk of dogs contracting it in the first place and also lessens the severity if they do contract the cough, however it does not completely protect dogs from all strains unfortunately. If you would like to read more on Canine Cough, this is a very good link which explains Canine Cough (which can be contracted anywhere there are other dogs, such as the park) http://www.samfordpetresort.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/PIAA-Lets-Talk-About-Canine-Cough.pdf
After speaking with you on the phone yesterday I understand there were several other reasons why you were disappointed in our service. Although we did give you an inspection of the area that Bailey was going to be staying in (out of our inspection times and just before closing), we did not show you to his actual enclosure. We have policies in place for a reason as I explained on the phone and it is not practical, nor is it always safe. We offer inspections throughout the entire year excluding school holidays and long weekends, allowing clients or prospective clients to view our facilities. As the booking was made for Bailey on the afternoon that you dropped him off, you did not allow yourself the time to view the facilities and to give us the opportunity ahead of time, to let you know that clients are not permitted into the kennels. Perhaps if you had have known this ahead of time, you would not have chosen to board Bailey with us, which of course would have been entirely up to you.
Although it was Baileys first stay with us, I think it is important to note, that it is not the first time you have used us, as you have used us several times in the past with another dog. Our policy has always been the same regarding clients accompanying their pets into the kennels, which is why I am unsure why this policy has upset you this particular time.
I understand you were also disappointed that we did not send you free photos of Bailey while he was with us. We offered you a Photo Shoot of Bailey (which does have a charge) and also gave you an update on Bailey (who was absolutely gorgeous, was having a great time and absolutely received great care and attention). I know you said that one of our staff members could have gone down to the kennels, taken a photo on their phone and emailed it to you. We like to be fair amongst all of our clients, and if this is something we did for you, it is something we should do for all clients. It is not feasible for us to take one or two free photos for all of the pets who stay with us, which is why we offer the Photo Shoots.
We did love Bailey staying with us as he is such a beautiful little dog, I am sure that whoever you choose to leave Bailey with on your next holiday will enjoy his company as much as we did.
Kind Regards,

Lauren Morrison
(Manager, Cottage Kennels and Cattery)

10 Nov 2017

We have used the Cottages 3 Times now and I highly recommend them.
Our little Jessie is a very fussy eater, so we were worried about her not eating.
Staff went above & beyond by heating her food up and hand feeding her to make sure she was well fed. Beautiful staff and Jessie comes home looking fantastic!!!

09 Mar 2017

After reading great reviews about this place, I was disappointed to find my dog's legs and paws covered with sores when I picked her up. Staff stated they were not aware of these, and said they were from the dog choosing to sleep on the concrete and jumping on the fence in excitement.
When cleaning the sores afterwards I counted 15 of them on the legs and paws.
There were also a mix up with the food, about which I had been given conflicting stories over the phone. Mistakes happen which is fine, but when I asked for clarification about what had happened the staff member became quite rude and defensive.
I will not be returning to this place.

11 Oct 2016

We have been clients of cottage kennels for over 20 years. The dogs are always happy to stay there. They always come home in excellent condition.One of our dogs is a spoodle with ear problems , he had to have ear drops every day . He came home with excellent ears, the dogs where there for 5 weeks & we where kept up to date on them by email including a photo of Oscars birthday with his birthday hat on. We will continue to recommend cottage kennels to any one who wants a kennel where their pets will receive excellent care & they can go on holidays knowing their pets are well looked after

23 Jun 2015

i am a delighted user of Cottage Kennels for over 25 years. The care and attention the Morrison family and all the staff have shown Ben, Gilbert, Elizabeth and now Peggy means that my dogs feel like it is a second home. They are well cared for, enjoy lots of play and affection and it gives me the comfort of being able to go away and know they are having the time of their lives at Cottage Kennels. Coming home must be a real let down for them!
I could never hesitate in recommending Cottage Kennels as the highest standards are always maintained. The facilities are first rate, with options tailored to each dog and the pickup/delivery service is invaluable.
You couldn't make a better choice for your pet and I can't thank them enough for the exceptional, wonderful care they have given all my dogs.

17 Jan 2013

we left our german shepherd dog Simba with them and it was his first time at a kennel, he came back with Kennel Cough which we were not very happy about. Didn't expect that given the really good reviews on this place.

23 Nov 2010

I can not speak highly enough of Cottage Kennels and the care they have given our staffy "Evie". She has stayed at other kennels before and never has she been returned to us in such good health and such a shiny coat. Thank you so much Cottage Kennels. Evie and our selves love you. I would never send her any where eles. Thank you. Woof Woof.

23 Nov 2010

We have had our 4 dogs regularly booked into Cottage Kennels and we would not find anything to fault with them. They ALWAYS help us out, even with short notice, and most importantly our dogs ALWAYS come home clean, happy and health. It is so reassuring that we can go away and know that our dogs and well taken care of and very safe. Thank you Cottage Kennels for your wonderful service, we would highly recommend you to anyone .

22 Nov 2010

The prompt pick up and delivery service from Cottage Kennels was both professional and appreciated. My black labrador came home from a 10 day visit happy, healthy and extra shiny.. Thank you Cottage Kennels for looking after our little man!!

27 Oct 2009

More poor dog got really sick while at the kennels for a week and a half. He lost weight as a result of not eating and was drinking water in excess. The vet wasn't called and neither was I. My poor dog was in a stressed state when I picked him up. I was disapointed that the kennel didn't applogise or anything.

catherinef4 17 Aug 2010 · 50% Trust

Our dog is really sick after a weekend there - need to go back to vet again this am...trying to find out WHAT this is, but trembling, vomiting and won't eat (absolutely unheard of with our dog). Do you know what was your dogs' sickness? Any info that helps our vet know what has happened/been ingested etc most helpful.

DanielleW 17 Aug 2010 · 70% Trust

After the problems we had my dogs will never go back there. I met an old staff member that used to work there and she even said she would never take her pets there!! We now go to Welcome Kennels and all the staff are wonderful. More caring and loving towards animals and understood my major concerns about levaing pets at kennels. After talking to a number of vets I have been told that clean kennels means less sickiness in animals and less likley to get kennel cough!!

catherinef4 18 Aug 2010 · 50% Trust

we have just had a diagnosis - pancreatitis (sp?) so I think it might have been a horrible coincidence with the kennels as I dont think it could have been the cause?

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