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12 reviews about Dream Drives Melbourne

19 Nov 2016

The service on hire was great, unfortunetely its let down with the return of deposite, after 4 weeks countless phone calls with them giving me the run around and emails un answered I finally had some friends confront them in the shop WOW recieved my first email from them aledging I have some type of infringement. Unfortunetelly they couldnt back this up with any evedance and told me "I had to prove I didnt."

I still havnt recieved my deposite back and would like to let everybody know that the 7 to 10 working days to refund is not true.

I cant believe a company with such a great product and facade can be so slimy and dishonest!

And it looks like im not the only one to discover these [Redacted inflammatory comment]

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savs920 25 Nov 2016 · 60% Trust

Update 25/11/16: Still no deposit returned, there were no infringements (but I do believe Dream Drives are working on their process for that which is good) now they cant return a vehicle deposit due to online reviews,

Dear [Name removed].

The company has every intention to refund you and is not a tactic. Business reviews are there to provide reviews on services not on speculations and accusations. You are using your reviews as a leverage against the company and this is not a police that we agree. We have faith in the Australian Justice system and we will go ahead and proceed with legal action against you and let the courts resolve it. You have details of our lawyers and you have been cc in all the email correspondence and out of the countless email send you have only replied to 2.

We look forward resolving this dispute soon.

savs920 25 Nov 2016 · 60% Trust

Dream Drives.
Can you Please remove my name from your previous comment (Even though I have nothing to hide)
And why your at it feel free to give me back my money

24 Aug 2016

Awesome staff, and awesome cars. I had a chance to take the V10 Audi R8 out for a spin and had an absolute blast. I couldn't recommend this enough, it's a must do!

Glad you loved it Mark, thanks for the pics again, up on our FB page now :)

11 Jul 2016

The name dream drive should be rename to nightmare rental.

Rented a mid range luxury convertible in May 2016 and was told that a security bond is required but being foreigners we did not have enough cash to pay for the bond which was quoted at A$10,000. However the sales team decided to cut a deal and instead we just need to deposit A$5,000 (note payment on the bond via credit card charges extra ~6%). On signing the rental agreement, we were told briefly that as long as the car has no damages the security bond will be reimbursed but here is the "fine print" they will only release after checking the car has no damages + all fines are paid (this is the reason you have to wait for a long long time for the refund). The Civic Authorities need to send an infringement notice to them before forwarding it to you but here's another catch, if you don't follow up they may delay sending this and hence an even longer delay for the refund. (all these were not explained thoroughly before signing the rental agreement, why, cos if you know you wouldn't have rented it as there is too much trouble!)

In summary, the sales and customer service team is not pro active to provide you any updates on the bond and if you don't check or call them persistently you can have a much longer wait before you get any updates on your refund (somewhat feels we were decieved and they were acting on our misinformation about Australian law etc). According to other customer who went through the same plight, some waited as long as 3-6 months and I was lucky just slightly over 2 months before they finally refunded. On many occasions their "so called customer service" tries to delay the refund using many excuses and if you threatened to make a complain to civic authorities they reacted with forwarding you to their "legal advisors" and run a risk of not getting your $$ back.

In summary, we are disappointed and felt deceived. Pls read further on this news link (not sure how much truth in this but really fishy and dodgy business they are running)

daniel-libbis646 12 Jul 2016 · 0% Trust

Hi robc793, just for peace of mind for myself, did you get infringements and speeding fines? I was in a similar situation as well where I had to wait for a speeding fine to clear, which is stated in the contract, it did take longer but that was due to the infringement being sent out. I received my bond and completely understood. Seems like you got your bond back to?

Dear sir

We have not heard of a case similar to your ever before. That sounds a bit far fetched and far from the truth. I would like to discuss this further with you as your comments really concern me as we never had a rental Delayed for such a long time. In Victoria fine are imposed to companies for fail to nominate drivers but again your allegation seems to be far fetched.
Mt he fact that you have attacked an article that has nothing to do with the business is also a sign that your aim is not to review the business and its services but to defame.

The article has to do with an individual that has nothing to do with the business. Now as far as your rental I would be happy to look your experience and I am more then happy to post your contract terms and refund terms if such contract does exist as well as the truth behind it.
It is very common individuals from overseas coming to Australia and leave the bill behind for someone else to pay. Now I am happy to publish the true experience rather then reading what you have written which has already been reported as it is defamatory and incorrect. We are working to please individuals and customers and not to discomfort them but any fines may be imposed are a liability of the driver. I will await for your response.

Kind Regards

Dream Drives Melbourne

22 Jan 2016

Every time I come to Melb for business I hire one of their vehicles. They are very professional and always look after me - highly recommend.

Cheers Christian! Looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne again soon!

21 Jan 2016

Hired the C63 out for the weekend after a mate at work told me about the place. Awesome car and beautifully kept. Perfect for a nice cruise along the great ocean road! My uncle from Norway loved his trip even more. Thought it was a bit pricey at first but totally worth every dollar

Cheers Jordan, glad you guys had fun with the C63. Hopefully see you again soon!

05 Jan 2016

The staff their are amazingly friendly and bend over back to assist you. Made it all worth it to see my car and driver rock up extra early to do a photo shoot before the drive into the church for my wedding!

Cheers Aruns, photos looked amazing!

05 Jan 2016

Great company, great cars, very friendly staff. Would highly recommend if your looking to hire an exotic car or just an all-purpose vehicle for a holiday. 10/10

Cheers Ethan :)

05 Jan 2016

Great service, communication, organization and most importantly great fun.
I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a dream drive.

Thanks for the amazing feedback Tom :)

05 Jan 2016

loves it best place to be at and it's awesome meeting other members who works there keep up the good hard work guy's i'm ur biggest fan out there and i'll be attending every event of yours every year when you guy's arrange the next one out there looking forward to it very soon and awesome job guys well done for the great day out at ur place and woo love's it alot appreciate ur event on the day at kids charity event and it was fun fun i enjoyed and the bbq as well the foods was nice and delicious well cya soon from ur biggest support fan out there you guy's need to turn this event next into a bigger one :)

Love it and appreciate your support :)

05 Jan 2016

We rented our cars from dream drives and they were wonderful. Top quality cars with professional staff and drivers.

Approximate cost: $350

Cheers Xavier, loved the photos! Look forward to posting them up on our FB Page!

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