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14 Jan 2018

Helpful, professional and friendly.

I went there twice in the last week. The first time, the staff helped recommend a new graphics card, and they were happy to discuss a future upgrade to my monitor. The two salesmen, Johnny and Tim, were happy to have a chat and listened to what I actually wanted and made recommendations based on that, no sales pressure, no up-sell. The place had enough staff and they were friendly and knowledgeable, which is a nice change from a lot of places that seem to just want you to buy and get out.

The second time I went, I dealt with a gentleman (didn't get his name) who came up with a creative solution to a problem I'd been having. He probably saved me a few hundred dollars for a new component. Once again, no sales pressure, no up-sell.

Highly recommended

Approximate cost: $350

08 Nov 2017

Have used this place a few times. Always good prices, lovely staff, and blisteringly fast service. Highly recommend giving them a go.

Approximate cost: $50

06 Nov 2017

I have used elite for many years. I have purchased computers from elite as they needed to be upgraded when they became too old. Tim delivered new computers to me and ensured I was connected to internet and emails were working properly. I originally chose Tim because I knew I would receive after sales service and technical support which you rarely get these days. Tim assisted me recently with a new smart phone. Excellent customer service at very reasonable cost. I recommend elite to anyone or business needing competent IT assistance.

Approximate cost: $99

03 Nov 2017

Amazing customer service only took one day to get my laptop upgraded and repaired. Everything was explained to me in simple terms and I didn't feel at all overwhelmed with all the technical stuff. So pleased with their service I now have a much faster laptop which saved me spending more money on a brand new one. Thanks

Approximate cost: $45

28 Sep 2017

TIm is great, very helpful. Helped us with virus, did a home visit and purchased 2x new systems. Not all staff can be as helpful unfortunately. Reasonably priced.

24 Aug 2017

Excellent service . My laptop screen was broken and i first went to jbhifi and waited 30mins to be serviced. They told me it would take 5-6 weeks to fix for at least $200. I went to elite computers instead and they fixed it overnight for $250. Was more than happy to pay a little extra for fantastic service and how quickly they fixed it for me.

Approximate cost: $250

24 Aug 2017

We were in big troubles when computer in my office crashed. All our important data was in that computer and we didn't know what to do. Luckily, I found elite on the internet, John came to my office same day and fixed everything. Not only that, they also suggested ways to protect data and have fast, safe and reliable network.

Super awesome guys, I highly recommend these guys

Thumbs up for you.

Approximate cost: $150

24 Aug 2017

Brought my Computer in as it was not switching on, explained the problem. Came back 3 hours later and they had fixed the issue. Simple rewiring and on top of that they took the time to correct some mistakes I made with installing, such as things not being hooked up properly. They have great quality stock and offer a great service. If you're in the neighbourhood and looking for anything PC related, definitely go check this place out.

Thanks for fixing my Computer guys :)

Approximate cost: $100

24 Aug 2017

I have taken one laptop and a desk top to Elite computer - the laptop battery does it charge - laptop otherwise works fine while connected to power. We have installed brand new battery and still not charging - [redacted name] from Elite computer advised me in less that 24 hrs that the motherboard is faulty Q us $300 to replace - after almost 10 days he calls back and says your laptop is ready - I picked the laptop and connected at home but the battery still not charging - took it back to him he said that he will check? Kept the laptop with him for extra 2 weeks to tell me that the teeth on the power cable are damaged so he replaced the cable apparently for free after charging us $300 . The funny thing is if the motherboard are faulty will the laptop works - I have asked him that I need to see the old mother board which he did not like to hear . [redacted inflammatory comment] - the laptop fault was only power cable - but surely there no much $$ in the cable to make . The other computer it's power died off - I took the power supply hardware box my self and said to him : do you have replacement?, he said it might not be faulty go and get the whole computer case - so I placed back the power supply unit and clipped into the motherboard without any damage at all - any one can do this - her called back to say that our power supply is working fine and the motherboard is faulty!!!!! And they have to order it from the supplier which took almost 4 weeks - yesterday he called back saying computer still not working and they found the power supply cable one of its wires are disconnected from the socket ? If you are blind would not you see that once you have tested the power supply from the start - he claimed that our motherboard unit had moisture build up ? We run the computer in a dry environment? Then he says the processors is faulty - I said to him you are a liar dishonest man - from the start the faulty unit was the power supply , I opened the case and found that they deliberately snatched one of the power line socket line to justify the fault - [redacted inflammatory comment]. We replaced the power unit and computer works fine - such a disgraceful people

02 Aug 2017

Tim is very knowledgable on his computers and very happy with his work. Took my Imac in for a 3TB install and transfer of all data on to new hard drive. Updated Siena and cleaned the Imac up. Was done with in 2 days very fast return time and great negotiator and communicator. Pleasant doing business with him and would recommend him for all computer repairs.

I also used Tim a couple of months ago to fix my Macbook Pro he was very helpful while he took my one to diagnose the problem he offered me another macbook to use a more recent version. I had a 2008 and he gave me a 2009. I had the same problem with the macbook he gave me was just turning off. Very helpful in the process gave me another laptop to try. Diagnosis for my one was that it was getting too old and would cost more to fix better to buy a new one. offered the one I was using for $400 I accepted. But it did the same thing would just turn off. He gave me a refund of my $400 and took the macbook back and suggested I get a brand new macbook from apple. Was very good in his recommendations and knowledge. He was a pleasure to work with back then and still is today when I went back to fix my Imac. Pleasure and easy guy to work with. No problems at all very nice guy and great services.

Approximate cost: $220

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