8 reviews about Emperor's Table

13 Jan 2013

Very comfortable environment as the restaurant for yum cha is situation on a upper level looking at greens. We got a table for 6 people right next to the window as well. Dim sims and drinks were served very quickly. Not many trolleys on the restaurant floor, so if you have something in your mind which u would like to eat, you need to order from the waitstaff and they will get it from the kitchen for you. The food is quite nice and a lot of varieties of dim sims and desserts. The mango pancake is very delicious. Since the restaurant is situation within the RSL club, the beers were priced reasonably cheap. Lots of parking available and the restaurant allows you to make booking for yum cha so you don't need to wait. Will go again!!

08 Sep 2009

You must try the deep fried egg plant and pepper salt squid during lunch time yum char. steam dim sum are quite good too. most of the staff are good and some of them can get the food from kitchen from you, very good!

02 Sep 2009

This is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Sydney. I particularly love their Yum Cha selection (Lunch), especially the Mango pancake, their Pecking Duck and steamed fish dishes for dinner

20 Aug 2009

Yum Cha at this place is delicious! Restaurant is on the 2nd floor of the North Ryde RSL. Food is good and reasonably priced. A must have are the mango pancakes. You will love them.

13 Aug 2009

It used to be superb, but the food service staff now lets this restaurant down. Well worth a visit though, the food is the best chinese we have tried in Sydney!

Approximate cost: $20

16 Apr 2009

I've had the Yum Cha lunch here a couple of times, including just recently. I like the choices, and the fact that if it's busy, fresh stuff keeps being brought out. The only problem is that the staff seem to all appear at once at the start offering various "dumplings" and if you say no thanks, they seem to assume you don't want anything else from them ever. The staff don't seem to be very intuitive, ignoring you even if you have no food on your table and often overlook tables in awkward spots. There are pillars everywhere, and they have made the most of the space they have by cramming tables in all over the place, making it hard for staff to see/access some tables.

17 Dec 2008

Often cluttered and disorganised, the Emperor's table does often suffer from a lack of good atmosphere. However dishes are good and yum cha is always a treat, as long as you can get a seat

20 May 2008

I go here a bit because its a local alterntaive to yum cha. The city views can help you forget that you are paying a decent price to dine at an RSL. The trolley ladies offer good service, though the rest of the staff are generally rude and can ruin the dining expereince. The food is ok, but is on the pricey side.

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