35 reviews about Featherdale Wildlife Park

07 Feb 2018

had a lovely day out with the children.not a big place but some animals you can interact with,we had a nice calm and carefree day.i would even go their myself and have another stroll around and view all the beautiful animals-staff were great and had lots of information for us.

07 Feb 2018

What a great day for the kids.we all had fun and explored everything they had to offer.we sat down and had a picnic in a nice shady area-staff were friendly and helpful and we will certainly be going back again.I got enjoyment out of talking to the birds as they were so cool.

28 Aug 2014

Great place to go with the kids. Not too big and nice and flat. Love the focus on Aussie animals and there is a lot of them there to see. Of course the kids love the roaming roos and wallabies the best.

24 Oct 2013

I love this place....If your looking for the zoo-ish type experience a little closer to home and for the younger kiddies then I highly recommend it here....Its not really a zoo lol but they have a heap of stuff to see there...Kangaroo's were my kids favourite....they loved feeding them. The emu's on the other hand lol well they even scare me so i'm not blaming my kids for that one hahaha Its a real experience having an Emu pick at the ice cream cone full of food pellets your holding....A must go attraction for those with little ones! The prices are GREAT and plus if youlook online you can usually find a buy1 get one free ticket to print out! Its awesome.

23 Oct 2013

Great lil wildlife park where you can come up close to Australian Native Animals and other wildlife, also bird life here too. Kids love the cockatoo's that speak back to them through their cages! We have been regular visitors since both my kids were babies. They both still enjoy cuddling a koala, the daily zoo keeper talks, feeding the kangaroos, wallabies or if your brave enough an emu even , watching the daily crocodile feeds and generally exploring the park at their pace!

There are BBQ'S available with shady area's to sit, cafe on site and an souveneir shop for some take home goodies or aoft stuffed toys!

There is definitely something for everyone here! Great family day out, tickets can be purchased online as well, there are different shows on and talks throughout the day and group tours available! Staff are friendly and more then happy to answer any questions you or your kids have about the animals or wildlife. Just make sure you remember to being the camera - I won't make that mistake again!

Approximate cost: $79 ( Family of 4)

24 Aug 2013

Im lucky to live close to featherdale though living far away wouldnt stop me from going!.It is for the family,with friends or just alone u walk through many enclosures(my favourite is my free cuddle with a koala bear!)get up close with alot of Australian's wildlife you get one on one with the animals which u do not get at most Zoo's,and its in a beautiful shady nice stroll around park where u get to see everything in one day!!littlies love it too.

chrissyk1 26 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

We love featherdale wildlife park and I agree with you the best part is the koala cuddle :) Nice place to be with the kids!

19 Aug 2013

i have taken my kids here are a few times..i took my son om his birthday as he looves animals..i like how you can get some food and give to the animals..you can interact with them which is a great way for the kids to see them..i like how there are bbqs there to enjoy a picnic lunch...once we went in winter and the crocodile was asleep hibernating and we went back in summer to see him moving about..love the range of animals they have and love how close they are to us..defntly go for a visit again soon great family day out.

15 Aug 2013

Speaking as a kid at heart this place is awesome.A vast variety of different animals/amphibians kids and adults alike love it.It's easy to navigate,many photo opportunities,wonderful entry prices.Staff are amazingly friendly.It's known for a wide variety of celebrities both here and overseas visiting.

15 Aug 2013

This is the best and cheapest day out with the kids where they are able to see wildlife up close and personal. you get to walk around with the animals even. my daughter loves the little wallabys and being able to feed the animals my little one thought it was awsome

15 Aug 2013

When my friend came out to Sydney from NYC last year, her #1 'must do' on the trip was to 'cuddle a koala'. Look, here's the catch: it's illegal to hold a koala in NSW. And fair enough. You can pay for a 'koala encounter' at various tourist attractions in Sydney, but Featherdale made her day.

You can't hold a koala. But the koala enclosure offers the opportunity (at no extra cost on top of your existing ticket) to cuddle up next to a koala, actually stroke the poor thing's head, and she got exactly what she wanted. And a great deal more.

The Australian-only version of a zoo, Featherdale is fantastic--allowing you to feed a wallaby, meet an emu, see a hundred types of birds I never knew existed, as well as dingos, fairy penguins, tasmanian devils, you name it. Great for tourists, sure, but ever better for kids. It's a lot more afforable and accessible than the zoo, and a fabulous family day out.

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