4 reviews about Galluzzo F J & Sons

03 Jul 2014

Galluzzo's sells fresh fruit and vegetables of very good quality at reasonable prices.

It offers a convenient local alternative to the supermarkets at Broadway and the produce is often of superior quality and lower cost.

07 Oct 2013

Galuzzo's has been around for a while, since 1934 in fact, and still successfully maintains a high standard when it comes to being a local fruit market.  It's around the same size as Louis's a couple of blocks down the street and also has a fantastic inventory of produce.  When it comes to price, daily specials can be found.  The workers are helpful if you need help deciding what type of onion to use, or which kind of mango works better for your recipe.  They also carry a good selection of organic products (more expensive of course), like fresh juices among other things.  Keep in mind that Galuzzo's wholesales to local restaurants, meaning that you'll be able to find myriad herbs, specialty fruits (fresh or dried), and leafy greens.

20 Jul 2012

There is no use giving a review if a business does not affect you in some way. This little shop was around when my dad grew up in the area and he is in his eighties. I have respect for those who do such long hours and service so well. This is for locals. Passing trade that notice what is in season and what has to be got rid of at the end of the week. Yes this shop does both but the prices and packaging make it a great pit stop for the odd small bag of nutrition or a few gourmet products up well into the shop. I feel turnover with this shop is good so most of the time things are fresh. I would not say the top of the line items are here but I do feel the staff will tell you so. With the markets and Harris Farm so close, I think this is a trustworthy business that deserves our time and money

13 Jan 2010

Great place to buy fruit and veggies. The quality of the food is always high and the prices are good. The staff there are very friendly and like to have a good chat to the locals.

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