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21 Aug 2013

I second the reviews. I went to Going to the Dogs for the first time based on the reviews on WOMO. My poodle mix has a very woolly coat and I have never been overly excited with the result of other groomers. Helen did a fabulous job enhancing the look. Best groom my dog has had and she looks super cute. Helen is true to her word – remarkable grooming for very special dogs. Highly recommended!

18 Jan 2013

Going to the Dogs is a great place to have your dog professionally groomed, and its the same price you pay elsewhere.

For people who work away from home during the day, there is the added bonus of being able to 'check-in' your dog at 8.30 am, and pick them up after work (before 6 pm).

Helen is really gentle, but takes no nonsense, from the dogs. My fussy little pooch submits to her.

I also love the way Helen clips each dog 'to enhance their character'. Ever since grooming my pooch with Helen, I regularly get comments on how cute my dog it, and I know its how she has been groomed that contributes to that (I adopted her, and when I first saw her, she was pretty average looking, which was more a function of how she had been clipped)

Helen is all for the dogs - she will tell off owners who dont regularly brush & groom their mutts, and allow them to get matts (I know, I was guilty the first time). She know how painful it is for the dogs, and she makes sure that they get looked after first.

Approximate cost: $75

swetlana 19 Sep 2014 · 100% Trust


17 Jan 2013

I was looking after a friend's 2 small dogs whilst he was on holidays, and they had gotten fairly dirty and smelly towards the end of their stay. I wasn't going to attempt to wash them myself because these dogs were extremely hyperactive.

I took the dogs to Going to the Dogs, and was advised to leave them there for the day and then pick them up after work.

When i picked them up, i could not believe how clean the dogs were. I had always thought one of the dogs had an off-white / grey snout, but when i picked him up, the snout was clean and was actually a pure white colour. They didn't smell at all, and they also got their ears cleaned and toenails trimmed. The dogs also didn't look upset or distressed at all, so i believe the dog-groomers have treated them well whilst i was away.

I would highly recommend Going to the Dogs, as they were efficient, the price was as quoted, and they did a great job at cleaning the dogs. The place may look simple, but i like that they're no-fuss and don't have fancy extras that you would have to pay more for.

If i ever get my own dogs, i would definitely bring them here to be groomed.

14 Mar 2010

Helen is great with our little pup Willi and we have been going for years. We love what she does to him...he always comes back perfect. always caring and kind and Willi is in great hands. We highly recommend

06 Aug 2009

The grooming service here is great, we drop our dog off in the morning on the way to work and pick her up on the way home. Always gives great advice and does a great job. Good value

Approximate cost: $60

27 Aug 2007

These guys are very friendly and helpful. I buy premium dog food (Eagle Pack) from them and they order it in for me. Nothing is too much trouble and I also recommend their grooming services.

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