Golden Nugget Bakery Cafe

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30 reviews about Golden Nugget Bakery Cafe

08 Nov 2013

great fresh bread sold here and always yummy cakes as well all at a very good price this bakery i find is always busy and doing a great trade cunstomer service is always fast and very friendly the bread is so yummy and always fresh

Approximate cost: $12

21 Aug 2013

Great bakery yummy products and great service always fresh and quick, slightly expensive but this is reflected in the quality of there product and the drive thou section is great for me

21 Aug 2013

Always served with a smile! One of my favourite bakeries in ballarat.
Love the idea of a drive thrust it's so convenient and they make the best iced chocolates :)

08 Aug 2013

I went to Golden Nugget Bakery frequently when I still had a car and less often since then. I almost always ordered the same thing on my visits: Bolognaise pie and hot chocolate. The pie is nice and meaty with a nice thick sauce. The crust is crisp and flaky. Very tasty. Sometimes they ran out of Bolognaise Pies before I got there. Then I would choose one of the steak pies. Those were good too. The hot chocolate is delish. I am so looking forward to the opening of their new bakery going up in Sebastopol. Should be finished in November 2013. I'll be back to my frequent visits. I think I'll try the chocolate éclairs mentioned in other reviews.

08 Aug 2013

i have been to this bakery once, on my one occasion i experienced it was quite nice. there food is low in price high in quality. good friendly people working to which were happy not to rush me as could not make a decision

22 Nov 2012

Best bakery in ballarat. I had lunch here once and it was lovely. Best pies i had tried and the vanilla slice was so yummy. The staff are always happy and take there time when your ordering and not sure what you want.
I highly recommend and price is great as well.

15 Nov 2012

Jodie in the drive thru order window was very helpful and pleasant. I was unsure what was on the menu and she listed items available that weren't on the menu board outside. My lunch was yummy!!

02 Nov 2012

Great drive threw service is always great coffee , fresh pies ,cakes a loaf of bread on the way home rain sunny always smiles friendly staff Prices are good too l must to go to on a busy day or not getting the kids out of the car.

Approximate cost: $10

08 Mar 2012

The best bakery in Ballarat. Yummy tasting food I highly reccomend. I love the fresh salad rolls and pies. The price is not bad either it's well worth it for great quality food

alyssad1 02 Nov 2012 · 0% Trust

thanks for sharing this review. i'm always looking for affordable places to eat while travelling & this bakery sounds really good

15 Sep 2011

Best bakery in Ballarat! Although a bit pricey, it is worth it for the amazing quality! I would recommend the vanilla slice, cheese and onion sausage rolls and the sourdough!

Approximate cost: $7

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