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26 May 2017

Beware the so called 'free' 3 yr warranty on used cars and the up-sell to extend it to 5 yrs. You're compelled to have your car serviced by Jarvis every 6 months at the inflated price of $269 (even if the manufacturers handbook states servicing every 12 months) Any reputable workshop could do the same servicing for sub $200. As for compelling you to use Jarvis to do the servicing, not even new car warranties can compel you to use the dealership where you purchased the car. This equates to you paying in excess of $300 extra per year for servicing for the duration of the warranty. That's around an additional $1,000 for a 3 year warranty and $1,500 for a 5 year warranty - hardly 'free' as it's portrayed by Jarvis in their advertising. I find this conduct to be deceptive, price gouging and legally questionable.

Hi nigelm775. Thanks for taking the time to post your review. The value add warranty provided by Jarvis is conditional and for used cars the requirement is they be serviced every 6 months or 10,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first. Jarvis is obliged only to warrant vehicles when work is undertaken in our Certified workshops through our Accredited team. New cars sold by Jarvis come with an additional 2 year warranty over the standard manufacturer warranty. To be eligible for this additional two year value add Jarvis warranty it is a requirement for vehicles to continue to be serviced in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and service intervals, and at a Jarvis Dealership. Should our customers choose not to service at a Jarvis Dealership the additional two year warranty becomes invalid. If I can answer any of your questions further please feel free to contact me directly at melc@jarviscars.com.au. Mel Cooper, General Manager Customer Experience

Att Mel C at Jarvis - You can 'dress up' your warranty any way you like - at the end of the day it's a rip-off. There are plenty of other after market warranties out there which;

(A) allow for servicing at any reputable workshop
(B) only require the car to be serviced as per the manufacturers hand book, not at a rate twice as often as prescribed

I've already steered 3 potential customers away from Jarvis based on the dodgy warranty you lock your customers into, and I'll continue to do so into the future.

24 May 2013

I am reviewing only the car service part.

I never been to a dealer before because I know they are expensive. But I decided to give this one a go since my car is new enough to still have the fixed price servicing.
But let me tell you fixed price servicing holds no meaning in this place!!
My fixed price servicing was supposed to be something like $300 at most (I can't remember now) but I had to pay no less than $1200! All they did besides a very basic service was windscreen wipers and brake pads/disk rotors.

Not to mention I told these people of some known problems - fuzzy speakers and a belt noise. They didn't help with either. With the belt noise their advice was to handle one problem at a time, with the speakers their advice was that their time to find the problem would be too expensive to be worth it (which is true).

A couple months later went back here twice for them to find a problem in my transmission (the in-built computer says their is a problem and you can definitely feel it). They charged $200 to do no more than also say their is a problem in the transmission. They estimated repairs at $4200 and 1-2 weeks labour. But I didn't let them fix it I took my business elsewhere (MV automatics and they were fantastic). Got it done

Peter, thank you for the feedback on your Fiesta whilst servicing at our Hillcrest Dealership.

I understand you have had your transmission repaired. If at any time though Jarvis can assist, please contact me directly on melc@jarviscars.com.au

Mel Cooper
General Manager Customer Experience
The Jarvis Group

15 Oct 2010

I took my car in to checked for a problem. Waited 2 hours to be informed had to be taken elsewhere and of course not covered by warranty. I asked the salesman what is actually covered by warranty and just shrugged shoulders. I believe the 3 year warranty they offer is not worth the paper it is written on because I can guarantee you everything you bring the car in for is not covered. Not too impressed and probably wouldnt purchase a car from them again. Too many hidden costs involved in buying a used car which they spring on you after the sale goes through.

23 Jul 2010

Sales guy - reasonable. Manager - reasonable, but watch your finances closely. We got what we wanted for our trade-in and got them to reduce the price for the car we bought. We spoke to them and asked for every conceivable cost involved, and double checked that everything was included, then took the information home and went over the figures. When it came time to sign the paper work, they added another $600 for some extra cost for setting up the loan... I told them they can remove this cost from the schedule otherwise the deal is off. So they removed it.

Approximate cost: $13,000

05 Jul 2010

The salesperson is well knowledge of the car and friendly when dealing with customers.The trade-in are great and well explained in details.

Approximate cost: $18990

07 Jun 2008

I purchased a new family vehicle from Jarvis Ford Hillcrest. After going to a number of Ford dealers who were basically not willing to help get what I want, this dealer was happy to order the car as I wanted it and when it came to price, we negotiated a few thousand dollars less than RRP plus they also threw in a years car wash voucher.

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