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18 reviews about Katherine Agius

17 Feb 2020

Life changing.
Not one big thing but a lot of little things. It's a mindset. And feeling like you have someone to help you through anything. Katherine is non-judgmental and wise in all areas.

Katherine Agius 20 Feb 2020

Thank you rachell604 for your wonderful review.

27 Sep 2019

Katherine is an incredibly intelligent and understanding person who has used her skills to work with me ongoingly (4 years +) to guide and assist through life's difficulties and also set aspirations for my future. Always quick to respond. More than just a 'life coach'.

Katherine Agius 20 Feb 2020

Thank you, 9e68dd83, for your generous feedback. Namaste!

27 Sep 2019

Katherine is patient, kind and knowledgeable. She has a range of tools up her sleeve to help work through both individual and couples coaching. With her help I am taking steps towards living the life that I want.

katherinea741 28 Sep 2019 · 20% Trust

Thank you, Kathyd987, for your feedback! Im enjoying taking this journey with you and cant tell you enough how excited I am for the amazing opportunities youve created!

08 Dec 2017

I absolutely loved my 5 sessions and am booking in for a further 5. I worked on the items that concerned me and saw and felt instant change (not what I was expecting... BETTER).

Approximate cost: $200

katherinea741 12 Dec 2017 · 20% Trust

Thank you, ainec, for your wonderful review! I'm excited to have the opportunity to continue to work with you next year! xx

08 Mar 2017

Katherine is such an amazing life coach. She has helped to shape me in a way like no other. Her wonderful coaching has helped me to advance in my career and become the very best I can be. Thank you !

katherinea741 09 Mar 2017 · 20% Trust

Thank you, rm103, for your review. I appreciate you taking the time to give these wonderful comments. Xx

06 Feb 2017

My experience with Katherine has been life changing.
From corporate executive to following my passion in less than 12 months and with a clear map of how to action it, working with Katherine has been and is still the best thing I've done for myself in years.
I did consider 4 stars for value, because coaching isn't cheap, but when I reconsidered the true value of what I've gained from this experience, I changed to 5 stars. What price do you put on happiness??
xx Sara

Approximate cost: $220

katherinea741 08 Dec 2017 · 20% Trust

Thank you, Sara, for your wonderful review! I was so thrilled to have been a part of your life-changing journey and am super excited to see what the coming years bring for you! Yes, I agree that coaching isn't cheap, but then, your life shouldn't be lived on the cheap! As you have discovered, the best investment you can ever make is in YOURSELF. Well done, my friend!

10 Dec 2016

Working with Katherine was my first experience of coaching and I love it. I connected with Katherine straight away - I like that she knows when to push, when to offer reassurance and when to call me on my prevarications - she has been the perfect coach for my self-development journey. Sometimes it feels we have been thru a war together and come out the winners.

katherinea741 11 Dec 2016 · 20% Trust

Aww!! Thank you for taking the time to write such a great review, baharaks. Xx

21 Jun 2013

I had a life coaching session with Katherine to work on an issue I had dealing with people. In one session Katherine helped me! I left the session feeling lighter and happier! I recommend Katherine as a life coach to everyone.

lisant 25 Jun 2013 · 100% Trust

This lady sounds like a great coach.

Katherine Agius 11 Jul 2013

Thanks Balconygolf,
I trust the feeling of lightness and happiness will continue to grow as you float into the future.
<3 Love and hugs

19 Nov 2012

I had a life coaching session with Katherine Agius. Not only was she quick to identify the problems in my life. Katherine was also able to assist with a new belief system that should help me grow both professionally and personally. Would definitely use Katherine's services again and have no hesitation in recommendation her as a life coach. Here's to a fantastic future!

Katherine Agius 20 Nov 2012

Thank you, Punkin, for your kind review. Your future looks fantastic indeed! <3

15 Aug 2012

I met Katherine at an opportune time when I was facing significant challenges in my life. I was five minutes from bankruptcy, living on credit cards and unemployment benefit. I lost lots of money on a business venture, which was unprofitable. I was my worst critic. I needed help and I needed fast. I met Katherine during networking lunch and immediately I did know that she was the one who could help me. Investing in me was an absolutely invaluable decision and experience of my life. First session with Katherine was like magic. Katherine created such nonjudgmental environment that I was able to open up my heart and my soul to her. The end result of our collaboration was phenomenal. I had turned my life around. I am opening new business very soon and first of all I love and believe in myself. Thank you Katherine for coming into my life. Also big thank you for your outstanding professionalism and commitment. Love @ Light, Ella

yvonnef4 15 Aug 2012 · 100% Trust

Great way to say thanks to such a fine business lady. I wish you great joy in your new venture and trust that the lady who helped you in such a positive way will also feel great fulfilment in her chosen field. Good writing

Katherine Agius 17 Aug 2012

Thank you so much for your beautiful review, Ella. I too love seeing the results you're creating from our collaboration! Remember, you're the one who creates the magic! Let me know if you want to take up the mentoring program and I'll be in touch. xx Katherine

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