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31 May 2017

All went so well with my recent move with Kent Removals.
Manny and PJ were perfect!!
Friendly yet professional, fast and
The job took under the hour!.
Everything was carefully taken from
the property and special items
wrapped with care.
Over the years I have made 29 moves
and I have to rate this job as
"Top of the Class". Thankyou and
thankyou to you Kylie for all your
help over the last few weeks.
Kind regards,

19 Mar 2017

These guys are professional, friendly and the services they provide are exceptional value for money.
I moved interstate, Bunbury WA to South Australia, the move was made simple and easy, the communication between myself and the friendly staff was excellent and nothing was to much trouble.
I highly recommend kents without a second thought.
Thanks guys, you all made my move simple, easy & stress free.

25 Sep 2016

They are expensive, liars and negligent!
I was told we would move from across the road by a "walk over". On the day, the men decided to pack the truck. This took much longer and cost 3 times more than expected. They damaged my kitchen and walls in the process too. Management was rude and dismissive and refused to replace a brand new kitchen cabinet that was scratched. They insisted that legally they only need to repair damage (although is impossible to repair without making it look worse). It was a complete rip off!

Hi there,

Our apologies for a form response. More than 30,000 Australians a year entrust Kent, and as we are committed to providing every one with superior customer service, we are concerned that you had a negative experience.

Kindly understand we do not respond specifically on public forums as it compromises privacy, and many posts are fictional work by competitors.

We invite you to submit concerns via:, for immediate review and action.

Many factors influence the success of a move, including how items are packed, pre-move condition, insurance, 3rd party service agreements and communication.

Even with utmost care and 70 years experience, moving 500,000m of goods yearly across vast distances means, on rare occasions things do not proceed as planned.

We greatly value customer feedback as it plays a vital role in our continuous improvement, and helps us provide superior customer service.

Kent Removals & Storage

15 May 2016

Everyone we dealt with was extremely professional and helpful, special thanks to Len Collins in Townsville for his help with our car transportation and also to the crew in Perth especially Matt and Dave which upon realising that our much loved cat had mistakingly entered the load fed, watered and cared for her ensuring her delivery to us alive and well after a stagering 13 days in the container. Kent has moved us twice now and will be our perferred company for our next move too. I personally cannot thank you guys enough for making our relocation alot easier.

09 May 2016

The entire contents of my 3 bedroom house was stolen from Kent Removals and Storage Sydney, Villawood facility (60 Marple Road, Villawood) by an employee 9 months ago. The employee was convicted of the crime on January 13, 2016 in Bankstown Court after pleading guilty. The employee placed my container in a section of the facility where dumped containers are left, from there the entire contents of the container were taken.
Kent Removals and Storage did not show an ounce of concern for my loss for over 9 months. In fact all I received by Kent Removals was obstruction. It took them several days to contact the police, days which might have assisted in recovering some of my possessions. My phone calls were avoided, I was told different stories depending on who I spoke to, until in the end there was complete silence for over 9 months. No apology was forth coming until I wrote to them recently informing them of my intention to go public with my experience. Money cannot compensate me for the loss. I feel like my life has been erased. I was left with nothing but the two suitcases of clothes I arrived with from the USA. Only a handful of damaged items remained, strewn throughout Kent’s facility together with the empty boxes and their brown packing paper. I have not received a single item back, with the exception of a guitar that was found in the convicted employee’s home.
Some interesting notes from the Magistrate who convicted the employee in January include:
“If Kent’s storage has an arrangement whereby containers were placed in a location with an open slather rule that its employees can pilfer it—and that is the reason he put the container onto the rubbish pile so his colleagues could help themselves, I think the police should investigate that because this is a highly corrupt practice.”
“ …if people are engaging a storage facility such as Kent Storage to travel internationally to Australia and their property is in jeopardy because of some in-house rorting arrangement that needs to be known.”
Kent Removals’ handling of the matter from start to finish has been disgraceful. During the first month of this incident (July 2015), I was told by Kent Removals there was no evidence my goods had arrived intact! This was a convenient claim given my shipment had been placed in a part of the facility with no CCTV footage, this ultimately enabled this crime to occur. There was, however, CCTV footage from Botany where my goods arrived and were picked up by Kent’s, and verified all my cargo had been placed on Kent’s truck, intact and in good order. Customs also provided me with a report verifying all my items were cleared, were in good order and all 163 items had been picked up by Kent Removals.
Distressingly, the CCTV footage from Botany, which you can view here, showed that even before everything went missing, Kent Removals was mishandling my goods. It had a single employee working alone in the rain loading the contents of my entire 3 bedroom home onto his truck. He was rolling my furniture and precious artwork along the ground, presumably because it was too heavy to lift on his own.
When I arrived at Kent Removals and Storage, Villawood, I found my container with no padlock and a majority of the items missing. A day later the police found all of my household boxes emptied on the warehouse floor. The staff claimed someone must have accidentally put my possessions in the dumping area and once there I was told that the staff are allowed to take these items for themselves. Yet, not a single staff member could recall who authorized my items to be dumped, nor who took my possessions. One would have thought had it all been an innocent mistake, all of the items could easily been retrieved from the staff members who took them. Yet I am not aware of any efforts made to do this.

26 Apr 2016

Great service. Kent Removals lived up to all their promises.

David E, Semaphore SA
(Semaphore SA to Noosaville QLD, April 2016)

11 Jan 2016

Moving house is a stressful time but I was very grateful for the hard work, helpfulness, friendliness and good humour of your staff who helped to dissipate much of that stress.

Nick L, Como WA
(Como WA to Queanbeyan NSW, December 2015)

08 Dec 2015

Excellent job done by Kent in all aspects of the move which is a stressful upheaval in anybody's life. From Mike who came to quote us, to Marnie & Michaela who spent nearly 9 hours packing 120 boxes, and to Phil and Caleb who loaded us, and to Matt and his offsider who delivered and unloaded. All hard working and friendly polite people and a delight to have in our home.
Excellent communication all along the process when we moved from a very well furnished Art Deco 2 bedroom Potts Point apartment with very restrictive street parking to a large beachside 3 bedroom Californian bungalow up the coast in Newcastle. Thank you Kent for a job well done.

Approximate cost: $6000

18 Oct 2015

Very good communication
Delivery was at the time we required and carried out very carefully taking away cardboard and plastic wrapping

13 Oct 2015

Kent Moving and Storage did an excellent job from start to finish. The two young men who moved our belongings did so with care and good humour. Jodie, the woman who handled the arrangements did so pleasantly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend Kent Moving.

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