Kuranga Native Nursery & Paperbark Cafe

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19 reviews about Kuranga Native Nursery & Paperbark Cafe

29 May 2018

Great selection of native plants staff are well versed with infomation on all plants the cafe though a tad expensive is still nice love coming back here

30 Mar 2017

The staff at this nursery at not only incredibly knowledgeable but very helpful and patient with people like myself who know nothing about plants and gardening! They answered all my questions and helped me select the right plants for a garden bed I was working on. Highly recommend.

18 Nov 2016

This place is really something special. Lots of parking leads into a large gift shop selling lots of native and local produce from Melbourne. They have a large collection of gardening books too. The gift shop leads out to the cafe as well as the plabt nursery. The cafe is lovely. Serving lovely meals with a twist of native herbs and flavours. Even the dessert has a native flare.

10 Nov 2016

This is one of my very favourite cafes and nurseries. The gardens provide a beautiful view and ambience as you dine inside. Food is beautiful and includes a variety of native ingredients. The desserts are incredible!

04 Oct 2016

LOVE this place. there are always people coming and going. SO many ideas for self or for gifts and a great place for an outing that always leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

15 Apr 2016

Great range of native plants helpfull staff for those who need help with plant selection prices are reasonable great little cafe as well and gift shop well worth the visit

12 Jan 2011

If you need to be convinced that a native garden can be as beautiful and stunning as a traditional English garden then this is the place to visit. The plants are overwhelmingly beautiful and in fantastic condition at point of sale. On entry there is a display of plants that are currently flowering to make your choice easier. There are a few other nurseries nearby which only encourages avid gardeners a visit to this neck of the woods. Check them out - the others nearby will have cheaper natives, but not the choices on offer at Kuranga (I combine visits and purchases and leave nigh on bankrupt!!!). The staff at Kuranga are extremely knowledgeable and will offer suggestions and choices. I am not sure how anyone can compare this place to Bunnings, which is only a poor cousin in the native plant area. They are a bit more pricey but keep your eye out for their sales and specials. A fantastic nursery!

bambylea 10 Nov 2016 · 100% Trust

It's a brilliant cafe. We love it

21 Oct 2010

Kuranga Nursery has got a wide variety of Native Plants for your garden. It has also got a gift shop with a wide variety of different things you can buy. As well as this there is a Cafe which offers you morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Basically they have everything that a gardener needs also with special homemade goodies.

23 Jul 2010

Nursery and giftware aside, this is a great little spot for a light lunch and coffee. It's always busy on a weekend, but the staff always get you a table. They have lots of little gourmet treats and very 'Australian' based cuisine. The savoury muffins are surprisingly filling but save room for a chai latte, as they are a nutty, creamy treat to indulge in.

The nursery features all Australian native plants. The staff are only too happy to give you advice on anything and everything to do with natives, but ask for a foreign plant you'll get one of those looks that make you wish you hadn't asked (I went to a local nursery for my protea).

The shop itself has a great selection of special giftwares and gardening accessories. It's a great place to catch up with family or friends, but it reminds me of the kind of place my nana would have liked :)

Approximate cost: $10+

23 Jul 2010

Fabulous food here and a wonderful nursery. Just watch out for the kookaburras when dining outside! This is a GREAT place to take your mum for lunch or coffees.

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