Marty's Fish Shop

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45 reviews about Marty's Fish Shop

14 Feb 2018

This place is the only fish and chip shop I go to because they cater for gluten free which is amazing. However it's often hit and miss, sometimes the food will be severely undercooked and sometimes it's severely overlooked. Raw batter and raw food is not the best especially raw onion rings and raw batter on fish. However when it's cooked right it is delicious and I am still a regular here.

Approximate cost: $15

12 Dec 2014

Based on WOMO reviews I decided to try Marty's Fish. I pre-ordered at about 4:50 pm, received a prompt response from Hero Delivery that they would place my order as soon as Marty's opened at 5 pm and would deliver at 6 pm. They delivered at 6:30 pm. Everything was still hot but starting to lose its crispness. I ordered traditional broccoli ($1.50), cauliflower($1.50), 2 onion rings($0.40 ea), scallop (@1.70), hake/butterfish ($5.20). I ate the fish last and by the time I got to it after around 20 min it was cooling. I thought the batter was heavy and had had enough of it when I got to the fish and took it off. The batter also had hard bit here and there. The fish (hake/butterfish) was ok sans batter. I found it all very salty. The only place you could say no salt was on the chips. I didn't like the scallop. All in all it was just so so. I don't think I'll go to or order from Marty's again. Marty's wasn't better than my local fish shop. Cost was on a par with my local fish shop. And then there was $8 delivery fee. The delivery person was pleasant and wished be a good day before she left.

Approximate cost: $5 - 7

babenreviewer 12 Dec 2014 · 100% Trust

oh no i hate it when it's too salty!

05 Jan 2014

Great service, great taste and at a good price. The size of the potato cakes were enormous and nice and thick and cooked right through. The fish tasted like fish and a good size. The chips at a nice size and no rubbishy bits. Overall well worth a visit.

Approximate cost: $varies

24 Sep 2013

A gluten free fish and chip menu, that's fantastic! The chips were crunchy, the fish a good size and not soggy. Potato cakes were very large and appeared to be home made. The fryers use rice bran oil, instead of canola oil. Will definitely go again

Approximate cost: $9

21 Aug 2013

Great friendly service, yummy food. What more do you need from a takeaway store?
Definitely worth a try, you will be hooked!

19 Aug 2013

the best fish and chips in ballarat and also deliver very good family packs and well priced can get very busy and can have a wait but overall a very enjoyable takeaway fish shop easy to find friendly customer service

Approximate cost: $16

yodadc 20 Aug 2013 · 100% Trust

this is making me very hungry already

12 Aug 2013

I love that Martys Deliver. The only fish shop in Ballarat that does. It makes life easier at times.
Their fish is a great size and pretty consistent
You get value for your money !!

Approximate cost: $15

27 Dec 2012

Marty's fish and chips used to be top notch, but over the last few months we have noticed a big decline in quality. Fish is okay and the chips are hit and miss. Pumpkin cakes are terrible with the thinnest sliver of pumpkin you could possibly imagine. Their Souvlaki have also taken a dive with more lettuce now than meat. Very disappointing that once fantastic fish and chips are now mediocre at best.

20 Nov 2012

We went ordered here once. The staff was okay and the food was okay for the price, The fish was lovely and big but it was a shame to have soggy batter! The chips were a little over cooked. It could have been we went at a busy time of night.
I would try again. But not order so much

Approximate cost: $23.00

09 Oct 2012

While staying in Ballarat we decided to try the nearby Fish shop,Marty's. We soon discovered we over ordered as the fish was so enormous some of it was wasted. The batter was a bit on the soggy side and the chips could have been better. Not overly impressed.

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